Coconuts: How do you spell perfect? C-o-c-o-n-u-t-s!

Rating: (Excellent)

From the moment I booked Coconuts, I knew it was special.

I booked nine nights at Coconuts way back in March 2012. It would be my third trip to St. John, my husband's second, and the first for our two boys and my parents. We planned to arrive on Christmas Day and were staying through New Year's. You can't get much better than that, right???

I'm sure many of you can relate - I have the St. John bug. And I have it badly. I cannot tell you how many times I checked the forums and webcams last year, all in anticipation of staying at Coconuts. Kevin, the owner of Coconuts, reached out to me at one point and continually answered my questions (and boy were there lots!) over the months leading up to our stay. Kevin was so helpful and gracious throughout the process. He always responded promptly and was just a joy to deal with.

Coconuts is in person exactly as it appears in the pictures. The view is simply incredible! I really enjoyed out of the outdoor space. My children enjoyed the outdoor pool table while I tended to gravitate toward the hot tub. That was especially nice at night. Although I did not personally use the pool, my family really enjoyed it.

The beds and living spaces were very comfortable, and the villa had everything in terms of appliances, utensils, etc. I also really enjoyed how well everything was labeled including the plants in the yard.

My only complaint, and this is in no way the owner's fault, is that the no see ums were really out in full force every night. I was eaten alive every night to the point where I went inside. My husband, however, wasn't bothered by them. So who knows, maybe it was a fluke. The owner did ship down a homemade bug repellant and that actually did work well for me. That's just another example of how these owners go above and beyond.

Overall, Coconuts is just a gorgeous place and a great choice. I liked the location because it was a quick drive to bother Centerline or South Shore roads. The house was large enough for six people but may be too large for just a couple. If I were to return with another couple, I would return to Coconuts in a heartbeat.

If you have any specific questions, please feel free to PM me over on the forum.

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