Beach Music: Amazing property

Rating: (Great)

Our family is in the midst of enjoying this amazing property right now. The actual property is much nicer than the website. What a surprise! They really should update the pictures on line. Apparently a great deal of rennovation took place last year. There is a fantastic Gazebo overlooking the pool and the ocean that is to die for! We spend a lot of time their enjoying life, watching the kids, looking at the ocean and listening to the gentle waves. The part we enjoy most is the breeze. It is heavenly! No bugs (except early morning around dawn and just before sunset if the wind dies down, which only happened one everning). We can't wait to come back.

BTW, we were a little concerned that the master bedroon had no air conditioning, however with the breezes why would you want to shut this great outdoor living off? We aren't sailors, but we understand these amazing gentle breezes are why sailors love this area.

This review was originally submitted by Tom.

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