Battery Hill Condominiums: Great view, convenient

Rating: (Good)

We stayed in the Palm Breezes unit, which is on the highest floor. The walk up all those stairs got to be a bit much by the end of the trip. Overall, I enjoyed this condo. It's nicely stocked and decorated and the pool was a good temperature. I never had anyone there at the same time as me. Even the knives were sharp. The bed's were very comfortable and the AC worked well. The wifi was fast by St John standards.

The only issue I had with the condo was the laundry situation. What I didn't know when I booked it was that it was a shared washer and dryer and it cost money. The complex has one washer and dryer for guests, and several for the owners there. The guests are not to use the owners machines and the owners are not supposed to use the guest machines.

Unfortunately, Cimmaron had forgotten to give me the laundry key, so by the time I got it I was out of clothes. When I went down to do my laundry (10 minutes before it was supposed to open so I could be first in line) I found someone presoaking pillows in bleach. I called Cimmaron and asked if I could use one the owner machines, since the place was pretty empty in August. They told me to go ahead, but when I went in there, I found all of their machines full of presoaking pillows as well. As I stood there trying to decide what to do, the woman doing the soaking showed up. She informed me that not only was she using all the machines, but she had to "turn the pillows" after they finished this first soak, then soak them for longer, then wash them. It was going to be a long time. She seemed appalled that I had considered using an owners machine, but didn't seem to see any contradiction that she was using the only guest machine. As I argued with her, the Cimmaron maintenance guy to showed up to check on how it was going for me. He also tried to point out to her that she shouldn't be tying up the guest machine, but it did no good.

He was kind enough to drive me over to a nearby villa which was vacant so I could do my laundry there, which was nice, but unfortunately it still ended up taking up a large portion of my day and left a bad taste in my mouth for that condo project. My main complaint being that had I known that it was a shared washer and dryer, and that I needed quarters for it, I probably would have chosen someplace else.

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