Aria: Beautiful Views, great pool

Rating: (Good)

We recently stayed at Aria Villa. We got off to a rough start when Caribbeanvillas was not there to meet us at the dock (after 2 phone calls). We got our rental car (Conrads) and went to the office. The woman was very apologetic and tracked down someone to meet us. We picked up our package we had mailed at Connections (great service) and headed back to Caribbeanvillas to meet the greeter. We followed her to the villa on Ajax Peak but were confused b/c the driveway didn't match the photos. Be aware, they have closed the driveway in the pictures b/c of erosion and are using a skinny, rough back driveway into the villa. We went into the villa for our tour and were informed the washer was broken. We travel with carry on only, so I was not happy. They assured us that they would do our laundry, no charge to help make up for the inconvenience. They did follow up and do the laundry one time, but I like to wash the towels more often. We discovered our first night that there was no internet, hot water and the AC didn't work. We called first thing in the morning and they got someone there very quickly. We figured out the internet issue and they called a plumber who came and worked on the hot water while we went to the beach. The AC was resolved (the remotes they had didn't work) and the hot water was working when we got back. We did have somewhat hot water after that, but had to run the water for a long time to get it. On St John, we always try to conserve water, so it was a bit disconcerting. I was very worried the first night we spent there with all of the issues, but they resolved most of them promptly and things went more smoothly from there.

The views from Aria are fabulous, the pool is great (one of the few warm ones we have experienced). The hot tub was great and they had everything you needed for cooking etc. The beds were comfortable and we didn't need AC with the trade winds. The trade winds were very strong while we were there (I guess it's unusual for this time of year) and we spent most of our time at the beach on the Coral Bay side of the island. There is a gate for the 3 villas that works with both a key pad and a gate opener (like a garage door opener). Not sure what the deal was, but the pad didn't work very well and the remote must have needed a new battery. Once we had to try it 12+ times to open the gate.

In general, we enjoyed the villa once we resolved most of the issues. I would suggest that the owners get more usable furniture in the living room. A day bed and 3 dining room chairs don't make for very comfortable relaxing after a day at the beach. Again, the view and pool were the highlights, Both were great. Will I stay here again? No, but it is fine for a basic villa.

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