Argonauta: Wonderful villa

Rating: (Excellent)

This villa was so wonderful that I almost don't want to post a review for fear that next time we want to rent it, it will be booked.

First, Vacation Vistas is amazing to deal with! This was our second time renting from them with other companies in between, and I definitely like dealing with Lisa and KD. One of the things I like about renting from Vacation Vistas is that they don't clear out everything previous renters left behind so be sure to check what's stocked already before heading to the store (including liquor).

We used all four of the bedrooms with our group. The two in the pod that are not connected to the house are probably my favorites. The one on the main floor of the house has to share a bathroom with anyone that doesn't want to go back to their rooms which wasn't really a problem for our group.

It was nice to have a/c in the main house. That was definitely a luxury that we did use as we were there in June.

The pool was smaller than all of the pools we have had at other villas but it was good enough for our purposes as we mainly used it to hang out in and have drinks while enjoying the beautiful views.

Speaking of views...the views are excellent from Argonauta. It faces out towards St. Thomas and is at the point so you don't have a bunch villas between you and the water. That was one of the things I really liked about it's location.

The other thing I REALLY liked is that it is so close to town yet doesn't feel that way at all. It feels very remote but you are in town in no time at all.

The only downfall in my opinion was the driveway. There really isn't room to turn around a car so whenever we returned to the villa, we carefully backed down the driveway.

I would stay there again in a heartbeat. Those of us that have been to St. John several times and have even stayed in a luxury villa in Catherineburg voted it our favorite villa because of all of the above mentioned things.

(This review was originally published on 01/03/2009 and submitted by nothintolose)

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