Anchorage Aweigh: A great place to stay

Rating: (Great)

Was torn between 2 and 3 stars here and if there was an option for "very good" that would have been my selection. Would like to state up front that my rating is based more on personal preferences rather than issues with the villa itself.

This is a great little place for 2 at a very reasonable rate. If you love outdoor living spaces you can not beat the porch at this villa for it's views, privacy, breezes, etc. We spent the majority of our time on the porch when not out at beaches etc. It was a great place to return to after a beach day.

The pool is lovely and the lounge chairs comfortable and good place for sunning. The pool can be accessed from the lower level by going out to the porch and up a half stair case. However, if you are on the upper level porch you have to go through the main living space to get to the pool deck.

The upper level contains the kitchen and living area. The living space is quite small so if you are looking for a lot of indoor lounging space this may not be the place for you. It was not an issue for us. Kitchen is nice and well equipped. The fridge does have ice/water dispenser but it did not work during our time there. Not sure if this is intentionally not hooked up or not.

Upper level also provides access to upper porch.
Bath and outdoor shower accessed just off the living area. The split bath area was not my favorite set up but if you are organized and get everything you need in the upper bath it's not too bad.

Lower level is bedroom and half bath. Access to lower bedroom is via spiral staircase on the interior. You can also access from the outside stairs. Again, spiral staircase not to my personal liking. If there are any concerns about mobility this may be an issue for some.

Please note none of these elements were a surprise to me. These are well pointed out on the listing on

So to repeat this is a very good little place for 2 and despite it not being 100% to our personal preferences we would consider it again. The price is right, great Coral Bay location, very very clean and the porch is just about a perfect place to pass the days and evenings on St. John!

Here's is a collection of photos I took of AA and the views from there.

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