Altagracia: outstanding views on Contant Point

Rating: (Great)

Altagracia is a four-bedroom, 4-bathroom home with pool located in the Contant Point neighborhood. It is a comfortable, well-kept home with many nice features: a large and welcoming pool surrounded by many seating areas, including a dining area and a wet bar, both covered with trellises for shade; a large great room with multiple sofas and chairs to accommodate a group; frosty air conditioning in the bedrooms; outstanding unobstructed views across Pillsbury Sound to St. Thomas; and a good selection of items that you can use during your stay such as pool toys, coolers, tote bags etc. The kitchen is not large and is pretty dated, but is perfectly functional and equipped with OK cookware, a blender, dishwasher, pantry storage, and a refrigerator that worked very well (sometimes an issue in the tropical heat).

The great room is not air conditioned, and the south-facing exposure meant that the room got quite warm in the afternoon (we stayed here in late July). We found it tolerable though, and could always jump in the pool to cool off. The house is fully screened and we had no issues with bugs or other critters.

The property does have some quirks. The driveway can fit two-three cars, but it was built at an angle that makes it very difficult to get out of. There is a stone wall on both sides which does not allow for a lot of room for error. We found that the best thing to do was to drive out and turn around down the hill from the house. If you are comfortable driving somewhat blind in reverse, you could also back the cars into the driveway, which would allow you to drive straight out. My husband was able to do this, I could not.

Another quirk is the bathrooms in the bedrooms on the upper level. They are basically open to the bedrooms. There is a half wall of sorts that somewhat screens the toilet from the bedroom as long as the other person in the room is in the bed, but there is no privacy in the way you might be used to.

The view and the pool area are the best features of the house. We enjoyed outstanding sunsets and the twinkling lights of St. Thomas most evenings. The pool was a great temperature and large enough that our party of six could swim and play in comfort. Note that there is no hot tub if that is important to you.

Overall we found Altagracia to be a very nice, family friendly comfortable home. We would consider staying here again.

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