Acqua Blu: Beautiful and comfortably furnished

Rating: (Excellent)

The drive to the villa was very easy and parking was safe and convenient. The villa has 4 A/C king bedrooms with baths and a media room that sleeps 2. The great room is huge and open air with a half bath. The kitchen was well appointed with extra ice maker, 2 ovens and microwave, and 2 dishwashers. The dining table seats 12. A large sectional provides ample seating (although, being up in years, my husband and I missed our recliners).

A 1923 Steinway grand piano was placed where the pianist could enjoy the view of Rendezvous/Hart Bay. Our nephew was our pianist and he was inspired to play Moonlight Sonata and Clair de Lune when the full moon rose. The pool is large and has a half bath nearby. There was a beautiful office that our son used in the evenings.

The villa owner lives in a smaller house on the property, and he was very attentive to our needs. It was convenient for us that the owner stocks a wine cellar for the guests use adjacent to the media room. The bedrooms were beautifully and comfortably furnished. The views were lovely and there was a path down to the rocky beach. The house has an enormous cistern so we didn't have to worry about water usage.

This review was originally submitted by verjoy.

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