Trail Bandit controversy

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Trail Bandit controversy

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I knew that the Trail Bandit made good maps, but I was unaware of the issues around some of his activities. There's some discussion about it here: ... lands.html

There are some interesting perspectives.
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This is indeed disturbing. Has anyone contacted the NPS people about this? I would think they would appreciate his help in keeping the existing, approved trails in shape, but hacking into Park flora without approval is a jailing offense! Perhaps he is unaware of this? :cry:
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Wow, what is going on? Who would think it was ok to break trails on someone else's property, including the US Government, without permission? Using poison and cutting down endangered trees!

I always assumed (see where that got me!) that the site was just identifying existing trails.
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Post by RickG »

There's more to it if you read deeper, along with plenty of hyperbole. Here are two articles originally from bellman3 on tripadvisor: ... ills/12044

I don't condone trespassing or the use of herbicides, but keeping open historical trails is not without reason. There's a reasonable middle ground and it sounds like that is being discovered.

Cheers, RickG
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Post by Cid »

I agree with Rick G on this does seem like there is a middle ground here that would work for everyone. I found the article links very informative. This issue should raise red flags all over, but it is important to look at both sides.
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