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When we go, we try to cut back on what we brought before. Last time, we finally got down to two backpacks, and two even smaller bags for our snorkling stuff. All of that fit into the space under the seats. And at the end of the week, we still had clothes we didn't wear. So next time, we're gonna try to stuff the snorkle stuff into the backpacks.... :shock: 'Course, we don't go to Asolare or the other 'fancy' restaurants, and we're in T-shirts and shorts the whole week. I guess it depends on just what you need to feel happy. Ever see the beer commercial where one family brings chairs, umbrellas, coolers, etc. to the beach and then the other couple walks in with just a pail of beer and ice and sits on the sand? That's us. Seems like too many possesions just slow us down.
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it's funny- when we go to the beach with hubby's family, we bring coolers, chairs, snacks, beers, etc, etc with us. someone's always dragging the cooler and another person has a hockey bag filled with lotion and snorkel gear and other stuff.

but when hubby and i go alone, we bring water (or leave it in the car), two chairs and our snorkel backpacks with towels stuffed inside.

i prefer simple.
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Here's how you decide.
Get a small roll-on that fits into the FAA requirements and start putting your stuff in, now start taking out what you can do without. If you can fit what you NEED, your good ( and remember the golden rule" 1/2 the clothes & twice the $$$$) Snorkel gear makes this harder but there is also travel size snorkel gear (smaller fins). As long as your place has a washer, it can be done. We usually put both sets of snorkel gear in one bag and then place the smaller items such as underwear and t-shirts around the gear and save the other bag for the clothes that matter somewhat.
Good Luck, it is nice to walk off the plane, get your rum sample and go right to the ferry, and sometimes it make a difference in which ferry you catch.
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I just can't do carry-on only and frankly I don't really want to sit next to any of you on the way back who don't wear half of the clothes that you take down there. Don't you feel pretty gross after a couple of days??? I don't know about you guys but I sweat (not glow) when I'm down there and wearing the same thing over and over is NOT an option. I'll pay for and wait for my checked luggage thank you very much. It's worth it to me.
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Hi Diana - I think most people do what I did. I figured out what clothes worked for me as far as being comfortable & cool and then I laundered a couple outfits and just wore them over and over. It's my belief that most of the people posting here rent villas and have access to washers & dryers.

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