wow, what's going on?

Travel discussion for St. John
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wow, what's going on?

Post by mbw1024 »

just pulled this pic from the Villa Serendipity web cam

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Post by Pia »

Yep raining right now :)

oooohhhh and lightning and thunder too :) :) :)
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Post by theshopper3 »

Ain't looking so pretty at the moment, but let it get it out of it's system now before the gangs come in on the weekend...........



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Post by snorkeler525 »

Can't be as gorgeous as it is unless it gets some rain. Of course, we all prefer that it happens while we're asleep.
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Post by Exit Zero »

If you go to - enter 00801 zip code -click on the radar image- use your cursor to draw a blue box around STJ and east - after the micro radar image load press animate - you can watch the rain roll in - real time.
I use it all the time to track squalls or choose a beach.
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Post by nothintolose »

I have to say that I hope all the rain of recent bring back the green cuz lots of pics of the island this summer look more brown than green.
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California Girl

Post by California Girl »

One word: Skeeters :shock:
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Post by Lulu76 »

Curse your mouth. I'm terrified the skeeters are going to carry me away.
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Post by California Girl »

Lulu76 wrote:Curse your mouth. I'm terrified the skeeters are going to carry me away.
Should'a brought your Deet! :lol:


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