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Travel discussion for St. John
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Hi Ronnie! Our plane gets in at 10:55 a.m. and her's touches down at 1:25. Things should be still open then, right? :)
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flip-flop wrote:I personally, even after several trips to STT/STJ would not want to head to Red Hook alone. I would check the CA ferry schedule, find the one she'll be able to make based on her flight time and meet her there. Easy drop off.
Hey flip-flop! Thanks! She really would probably freak out if she had to go to Redhook by herself, and I prefer the CA ferry, anyway. :D

And by the way, how are you doing these days?

waterguy wrote: Take your cellphones and she can call you when she is leaving the airport. then shut them off and injoy the peace and quit
I think we'll probably take our walkie talkies, too. Just in case our cell phones don't work (like mine didn't last year!) Great suggestion, thanks! (I secretly wish that our cell phones quit working after we hook up anyway!)

Liamsaunt: Do you suppose if we meet at Bumpa's we might also end up moving to the Caymans? Wouldn't THAT be nice! :lol:


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California Girl wrote:Hi Ronnie! Our plane gets in at 10:55 a.m. and her's touches down at 1:25. Things should be still open then, right? :)

Absolutely! You guys could go to Frenchtown as well. Many places there to hang. Maybe even where I do at Alexander's!

RL 8)
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Jorge wrote:Hey C.G.
We had to wait for a buddies girlfriend two hours a few years back. Stay away from the bar next to baggage claim. In that two hours we got so plowed drinking Caribe that we had to leave the rental car at the airport and pick it up the next day. Luvya, Jorge
There's a bar next to baggage claim? A "go in and sit down" bar? I don't remember it... would it be a good place to wait?
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Hey CAGirl, thanks for Asking...I am hanging in there. We have a scheduled date of delivery of feb 5th...if I make it that long! Here's hoping things go well. The fluid resolved in the lungs which is outstanding but there is still some residual fluid in his belly which is really frustrating for me because they can't tell us WHY! Still they seem not all that concerned. I, being a skeptic, will not breathe easily until he's here and I see him doing ok on his own!

I will surely update you all once the next beach bum is born.
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Flip-flop - I sent you a PM :D
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Regarding the bar at the airport, I dunno, but I don't think I would want to wait there for a couple of hours--it's just that one row of stools and a couple of tables, out in the open baggage claim area. So, it's hot, it's noisy, and you have the exhaust from the taxis coming in. For a more relaxing experience, I'd meet your friends in town.
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liamsaunt wrote:So, it's hot, it's noisy, and you have the exhaust from the taxis coming in. For a more relaxing experience, I'd meet your friends in town.
EEEYYYUUUUUU!!!! I can't think of a worse experience to start our vacation off! Yuck!

At this point we're sort of planning to walk over to the Best Western and hang out in their restaurant until my friend's plane arrives. It would be so easy for everyone. And then... our backup plan in case something happens and we can't get a hold of each other, will be Bumpa's. I can't believe how perfect that suggestion was! Thanks!!

Does anyone have any comments about the Best Western? I called them and they said it would be ok for us to wait in their restaurant. We'd have lunch there, of course.
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We stayed at the Holiday Inn once when our flight got grounded. Nice open air bar in the courtyard. Did not try out the restaurant. Located on Veterans Drive accross and down a little from the ferry docks.
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Have a great trip CA girl.

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There is a bar at baggage claim in STT; the Caribe's are cold, the Bushwackers are tasty and the bartender is friendly.

We had to kill an hour waiting for delayed baggage; it wasn't so bad at all.

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Haven't read all the posts, but why not Tickles Marina...about as close to the airport as you can be without being at a Best Western and food/drinks/sights are excellent.

This suggestion comes from another former guest of Gallows 9A!
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As a former bartender at The Greenhouse, I must recommend it as a place to meet. Good food, people, service, easy to find, great view of the harbor, close to all the shops, easy walk to the ferry, fun atmosphere and reasonable prices. Wherever or whatever you choose, you'll have a great time. "No worries, mon". :D
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Depending on your and her schedule vs. ferry schedule I would give some serious thought to renting your vehicle at the airport. Go do your thing for 2 hrs. then go back and get your friend. Opens lots of options for all you guys and lots less hassel and taxi fares. Less hassel on the return trip as well. Just my opinion. Just check first that rental company allows you to take car over. Most do but I have heard hertz does not. Don't Worry Mon, everything will be alright! One way or the other.

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Wow, you guys are all so great! And such awesome suggestions! Tickles & Greenhouse are both excellent options!

Bobcside - We already have a car reserved on St. John. If I had known "back then" that my friend would be coming along I may have considered renting at the airport. I think my hubby will be freaked out enough at having to drive on the left side of the road on STJ though, without having to drive thru Charlotte Amalie and backing onto the car barge! LOL! I'm thinking I'll make it easy on him this trip and he can learn ALL ABOUT the car barge on the NEXT trip! :lol: :lol:

One reason I like this forum so much is because when I posted this question I had no idea where we could meet... now I have scads of options!

I love ya' forumites!
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