DO NOT go to Tradewinds site

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DO NOT go to Tradewinds site

Post by Xislandgirl »

I am not sure what the heck is going on but you will get slammed with very loud music and weird images of injured women and children. The site goes away but the muisc does not.
I did a virus/spyware check and nothing came up so I think it is a problem with the site, or I have a very weird virus that Macafee can't find.
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Post by Jumbiegirl »


Oye. Looks like they got hacked. I hope they can get it fixed soon.
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Hacked Bigtime

Post by promoguy »

On Saturday I went to the site and wow!!! You'll see they got hit by KaoS. He will have some work to do.

You don't have a virus.
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Eric on St John
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Tradewinds site fixed now n/m

Post by Eric on St John »

Eric on St John
California Girl

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Ok, I hate to sound dumb, but what's the Tradewinds site? :roll:
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Tracy in WI
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Post by Tracy in WI »

It is the local paper for STJ - here is a link. We even get it at home although it is sometimes delayed by weeks or even months! And, I would never call you dumb.....! ... e&Itemid=1

California Girl

Post by California Girl »

Ohhhhh... that Tradewinds! I get the St. John Source in my e-mail every day, but didn't know you could access the Tradewinds online. Thanks! 8)

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