Trip report/ final installment

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Trip report/ final installment

Post by cosmolady »

Thank you for all of the kind words about the previous postings and the engagement! We have been serarching for wedding sites and that has kept me from my final installment!
Monday...Before we went down we had decided that since we only had a week, we would stay on the isalnd and not take a daysail. However, it seems we were always changing our tenative plans! So on Saturday, the girls decided they needed to show the guys Jost and maybe some different snorkling. I panicked! I had all of that great info at home, and how was I ever going to find the right daytrip without the forum at my fingertips? Well, walking through town Kathleen picked up a Wayward Sailor card. I called Capt Phil on Sunday. He was able to change his Monday people to accomodate us (Thank you, Monday people!). So 8 AM on Monday we met Capt Phil and his first mate, Tarn, and we saided away! First, a fabulous snorkling spot, and then a wet ride for Chris and Kathleen over to Jost. Thr four of us had a picture there 7 years ago, we updated it! I was able to try roti at Foxy's. It was delicious (again, thank you Forum!). Phil took us on a short nature walk behind Foxy's. Highlight was the rainstorm and all of the goats took cover except two lost ones. Eventually, the lost ones found the group and everyone..goats and people...cheered. It waw a gorgoeus afternoon sail back to St. John.
Pool, happy hour and Roma's pizza (WOW..that was great!)...another perfect day!
Last full day....and my birthday! I love my birthday. Woke up to rain, but that did not dampen our spirtis. We took advantage of the open air upstairs and just relaxed. Everyone agreed I could pick our activities for the day, such pressure for the last day! Went to Grotto Deli for beach sandwiches, then I wanted to hike down to Denis Bay. Right before we left I read several different reports that mentioned Denis Bay. The hike was easy, the view spectacular. Unfortunatley, it was quite windy so we didn't stay or snorkle, but I was glad we did it. Went to Peace Hill for the girls to re-enact their fist fight from 10 years ago! Yes, sisters do that too!
Trunk Bay...made it! Crowded, but beautiful. Last day of just sitting and relaxing. It rained for about 20 minutes, but no ligtning so we just sat there!
Back at the house we tried very hard to finish our liquor and beer, we failed but received and a+ for effort.
That night..what a treat. We went to Waterfront Bistro for dinner. The food, the atmosphere, the service was the absolute perfect ending to a perfect trip! We toasted a great vacation, a birthday, and the engagement! It was a memorable night.
Wednesday morning..packed up quickly, cleaned out the car, and left Frank Bay House! BOO!
We had some time until noon ferry so we Grotto Deli (new obsession...try the Greek sandwich...OMG), a bit of shopping, met Ruth (NOW..that was exciting!). Jim bought the wrong tickets and he grumbled (hadn't heard that grumbling in a I knew vacation was close to being over). Maura wrote "Tyler and Maura" in the sand, and Tyler's brother actually saw it in Canada on the webcam!
Christopher and his taxi were waiting for us with a huge smile. He took a "shortcut" to avoid traffic. Island roads are a bit scary, but this was REALLY scary!
Continental non-stop home was packed but on time. We rolled safely into Macungie at 10 and the kids left right away for Philadlphia. How Jim jumped out of bed at 6 AM for work, I will never figure out.
Following my reports, you know it was a perfect and memorable vacation. I loved every minute of it..being with my family, making memories, having fun! Thank you to everyone on the Forum because for the past few month I have been obsessed with this forum, and I have devoured all information. I was able to apply so much to our vacation. Thank you!
Now I have a new obsession..... finding a Mother of the Bride forum...know any?
Happy travels,
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Post by luvinsun »

Hi Mary,

What a wonderful trip you had! Congratulations on the engagement! How can you top that? But you can certainly do it with an island wedding!
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Post by onthelake »

Thanks for your reports !!! :)
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Post by liamsaunt »

I love that greek sandwich at deli grotto too, yum...

Thanks for the report, and congratulations to your daughter!
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Post by Rhonda »

Enjoyed your trip reports. It was fun meeting you at the Beach Bar on the 13th. I think maybe we were the "Monday people" because we changed our sail from Monday to Friday. Glad you enjoyed you daysail. This was our second time to go out with Captain Phil. We think he is great! We just got home yesterday morning about 1:00. I hope to do a trip report next week. I am still trying to adjust to reality. Glad you had a good trip & congratulations to your daughter!
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Post by chrisn »

Very nice Mary. Thanks for sharing!
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Post by pjayer »

Sounds like a great trip. Birthdays and engagements! Now you have a wedding to look forward to. Very exciting. Thanks for the report.
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Post by cosmolady »

Rhonda, I am glad you didn't go out with Captain Phil the next day; it wasn't very nice weather, and we were feeling a bit guilty! Welcome home.
Pjayer...have a safe and happy trip!
Thank you to everyone for good wishes!
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Post by cjroyer »

Hi Cosmolady,
Thanks for the great trip reports. I would love to spend my birthday in St John. Maybe next year :D

I couldn't believe it when I read the end of your report and you said you live in Macungie. I live in Palm, which is only 10 minutes from you. I drive thru Macungie everyday to go to work in Fogelsville.
Such a small world, isn't it?

Glad you had a great trip!
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Post by cocosmom »

I am almost 2 months from my first daughter's wedding. I am doing most of the printed stuff and favors. Just did a cool bridal shower with her sister.
I have templates for save the dates, programs, princess shower invites. This would also be the reason for no STJ trip this year...wish they did a destination.
Oh well, lots to do but have fun with it!!! We are! PM me if you are interested in anything. I mentioned

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