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I LOVE LOVE LOVE St John so much.........

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Walked around the corner last year at work and here is one of our directors with a St. John T-shirt's summer and we all dress down then. I immediately said OMG! The conversation took off from there. He and his wife have been there many times. We laughed and talked.
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I love St. John because it's not fancy. 8)
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...because not only is it acceptable to drink before 10 am, it's wrong if you don't.

Although I love that quote (thanks ViciH) that's not the real reason. We love the casual nature of the island. It's so different from the real world.

Man it's like some dream we live down here....

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The vivid colors (especially the water) and being able to snorkel at least once a day every day :)
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Breathtaking views around every turn while driving.
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You can be as you are!
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susan & herb wrote:You can be as you are!
That's the best answer of all! :D
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We love St. John because of its laid back atmosphere and because the hardest decision each day is which beach to go to!
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Re: I LOVE LOVE LOVE St John so much.........

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Saltydog wrote:I know we ALL have millions of reasons why we LOVE the Virgin Islands........
PLEASE let me start...(I have MANY more!!)
I love St John in the Virgin Islands..... so much.... I ONLY buy my gas at HESS....
because their refinery is on St Croix :shock:
I was inspired. I went to Hess today and filled up my little Diesel Jetta with 15 gallons of St. Croix's finest. Only $70. It hurts less when I get more than 550 miles per fillup.

Cheers, RickG
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The Hess station in my neighborhood charged me an extra $1.00 because I used my credit card. Didn't know it till it came up on my monthly bill.
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Re: I LOVE LOVE LOVE St John so much.........

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Re: I LOVE LOVE LOVE St John so much.........

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:oops: I'm deleting my post, because I misread something. :oops:
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