Westin Questions

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Westin Questions

Post by pipanale »

I have a few...

We're staying at Blue Skies in August. It's in Great Cruz Bay, over looking the Westin.

From their site, they list the Mango Deli as being "popular with locals". Is it any good? And, do they sell food that's not prepared? If I need to run out to get more OJ for drinks, can I go there? Hot dog buns? Stuff like that.

I'm just too lazy to go "all the way" back to Starfish.

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You would be able to get individual orange juice, bags of chips, prepared salads, bottles of wine, but not hot dog rolls (at least not that I recall). It's definitely more like a deli than a mini-mart. Maybe Pine Peace, not too much farther down and not as far as Starfish. Ali~
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