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Hard to believe it's been a week allready :cry: Have a great weekend all, looks like a washout here in Buckeye country this weekend.
Little palm tree upshot for a added bonus
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Post by FlaGeorge »

OK cptnkirk - I have to ask. Do you have an endless supply of pictures. Not that I’m complaining or anything like that – I look forward to seeing your Friday pictures. Thanks again for putting some sunshine on our Fridays.

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Friday's back to normal around here! Great shots!
XIG was your back up while you were gone, you know - she done good :)
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Post by BOATSRUS »

Hummmm.. looks like that famous beach where Andy was doing the palm tree pole dance!...I can't believe we're back yet either...I've got a couple of beach shots from the water that Bobby and I took from the 13' zodiak that I'll send ya...Wish we were headed to Jost with you guys about right now with a sippy cup in hand! Hey to the gang for us..and thanks again for the TGIF pix.. lookin' forward to seeing what you got this time

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Post by pjayer »

So pretty. The colors of the water still amaze me. Soaking in the bluegrass, too. At least it's warm. Thanks for the pic!
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Post by Xislandgirl »

I am glad that you are back, my pics are not as good as yours, but I promise to work on that in 22 days!
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Post by Becky&Brian »

This time next Friday we will be enjoying our own TGIF picture live and in person!! WOOHOO!! Can't wait.
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Post by Kathyzhere »

Happy friday Captn'! Great shots, love those shades of blue.
Hopefully you're still "on STJ" in your mind :)

Take care and enjoy the weekend everyone!

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Post by liamsaunt »

New beach pictures from the Captain! Very nice, as always.
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Post by Sunny »

Great Picture!!! Hard to believe I will be there tomorrow!! :D

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Post by traveler22 »

Thanks for the new TGIF pictures cptnkirk, looking forward to more.
California Girl

Post by California Girl »

Nice shots! Was the palm tree one taken at Salomon? 8)
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Post by cptnkirk »

FlaGeorge nope just 6 months worth then I go back for more.
BOATS I think ya would have done a double palm tree pole dance with Andy with a little encouragement. That would have made a great pic :lol:
CG yep that's Salomon good guess 8) I always get inpired for those shots at the end of the day when I'm feelin no pain and lookin up under the palms :lol:
California Girl

Post by California Girl »

You and my hubby, Rick, must have had the same inspiration :lol:


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