Back by popular demand....crappy iPhone pics live from STJ

Travel discussion for St. John
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Back by popular demand....crappy iPhone pics live from STJ

Post by AnyTing »

Do ya'll really want these? If so....I'll do my best to keep you supplied.

Travel day ended with this view, which brought a sigh of relief from me!

<a ref=" ... 190/"><img src=" ... 0d80_o.jpg" width="480" height="640"></a>

The moms are relaxed and think they have died and gone to heaven. They woke up to this view:

<a href=" ... 456/"><img src=" ... 6710_o.jpg" width="640" height="480"></a>

Looking forward to a lazy day at Maho!
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Barb Y
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Post by Barb Y »

I am so glad you have found your way back home again. I hope you and the "Moms" (and anyone else who joined you) have a wonderful and relaxing visit. Enjoy!
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Post by waterguy »

Have a great time.
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Post by mbw1024 »

YES we want them :)
So far so good!
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Post by Xislandgirl »

Perfect! Thanks for sharing!
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Post by sea-nile »

Keep them coming!
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Post by jmq »

Sweet! Are those 750s, 1 L, or 1.5s?
The flavored 750s just went up to $14.99 here in NJ. Only 1 store nearby carries my fav - the Citrus flavored Cruzan. Everybody has the coconut, pineapple, etc.
Hey - strawberry season here in a few weeks - toss a handful in a blender with some ice, squeeze a lime in, add Cruzan citrus = yum.
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Post by DELETED »

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Post by bayer40601 »

I really liked that first pic of the Cruzan bottles. Can you tell us where it was taken? Interesting set up.

I was jealous of the second pic. :cry:
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Post by StJohnRuth »

Your iphone pictures are better than a lot of the ones I take with my real camera.
Have fun, VickiH.
California Girl

Post by California Girl »

Yay! More crappy iPhone pictures from Vicki!
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Post by flip-flop »

Jealousy ... ohhhh jealousy.

Thanks for the fix, Vicki. Can't wait for more!!!
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Marcia (Mrs. Pete)
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Post by Marcia (Mrs. Pete) »

Hey Vicky, hope you are having a nice first full day. Mayo is the place to be with the winds as they are...

Is it just you and the MIL and Mom? Is your husband along, too?

Marcia (Mrs. Pete)

Missing St. John. As always.
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Post by RickG »

Delightful. I wanna stay at Francis BAAAAAY!

Cheers, RickG
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Post by pjayer »

VickiH - I feel your pain. We've travelled with older parents, relatives and friends, and it is a bit stressfull. But, I know that many of the places we've visited they couldn't have gone by themselves. I know this will be a special trip for all of you. Sounds like you're a wonderful daughter and daughter-in-law. Enjoy your trip and keep on posting! :)
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