Ritz Carlton to Acquire Maho Bay?

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RickG wrote:
kirk wrote: Kirk, good to see you back in play. Did you get Internet set up at the apartment, or is the painting work slowing down?

Cheers, RickG
Rick, Both. I'm into my 2nd week of a shutdown at the evil empire and it's looking like it could be another 3-4 weeks before they start backup again. no worries, i'll find something in the mean time.

Actually I'm thinking of defecting from the Evil Empire and joining the
rebel alliance. I'll help destroy the death star before it's competed.
saving Cruz Bay from it's death ray and running off with Princess Layla.
I've drank way too much Haitian blue voodoo coffee
this morning.
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Up at 5AM and looking for work? Or is that, still up after closing down the Front Yard? You continue to be my idol.

Cheers, RickG
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My heart skipped a beat. I think I almost had a coronary....
You got me... :lol:
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(Just in case you're reading this later and didn't notice the date of the original post.)
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I'm a bit lte on the reply on this one, but what a good April fools joke Rick :lol:

Saw the video, wow what a nice chunk of property... :shock:
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i'm a bit late, too...but it as a damn good april fools joke. cheers!
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It's been one year!

Cheers, RickG
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Holy crap! I haven't even been there yet, but am falling in love with the place. I was enraged about a place I've never even BEEN to! Good job :)
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Ok I was really out of it for a while. I looked at the date but not the year. I thought I had been in a comma when one of the replys was Dated April 6th.
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So the Ritz at Maho and a Disney resort with a 99 slip marina at Caneel.....

Actually I've got an application in to be a greeter at Wal-Mart after they build their Supercenter in Cruz Bay.

Our prices so low, we be limin'.....
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RickG wrote:
Anthony wrote:Rick I already fell for one today - April Fools?
Almost plausible, at 6% interest on a $32M note that's only $200K per month for the payment.

Cheers, RickG
Yeah you got me with this one last year... but as our former fearless leader said "There's an old saying in Texas... fool me once shame on.....me..... Ugh...can't fool me." :lol:
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I was just going to say you posted this last year, without reading any of the new posts :? :?
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Rick, you just have no shame. :lol:
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You would have had me but I saw this about the Stimulus Bill the other day: Approved earmarks for the territory include:
- $2.25 million for land acquisition for the acquisition of Maho Bay by the Virgin Islands National Park
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The $2.25 Million is for acquiring the land behind big Maho Beach , the hillside and valley, from the Marsh family heirs it has nothing to do at all with the Campground property.
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