Well kids... the time has come...

Travel discussion for St. John
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Well kids... the time has come...

Post by Gromit »

Greetings to all!

Well I can't believe that I'm wheels up tomorrow morning! The car is coming to get us at 5:30 AM-- yes that's in the morning!!

I would have liked to have spent this week patrolling the board and whiling away the hours on the board while at work, but unfortunately my various work responsibilities have gotten in the way with 10 hour work days and handling calls from reporters day and night!

Hell, I even helped Flip Flop's hubby change her tire on Monday night at 10:00pm!

I plan on being at the Beach Bar on the 4th and the 9th at 4pm -- all who want to come join in the reindeer games, please do! If not, more for me!
I'll also try to sit in on the Childrens parade at Mongoose and maybe hit the Jazz event.

Otherwise those of you on island will find me and hubby hanging out on the beaches and whiling away the lunch hour between December 1 - 11 at Skinny Legs. I'll be sure to ring Howies bell and offer a toast to his memory and Howie's Sunshine!

Looking forward to meeting DC Photo at Dulles Airport tomorrow AM. Should be fun!

Also looking forward to seeing old friends Jan and Mike and breaking bread with them if they get the chance.

If you want to play "Where's Gromit" I'll be the not skinny, 5'10" blonde, braid wearing (in a cute way), semi-tan chica clothed in a Tie Dye or Life is Good T-shirt, sporting a platinum Amex card and hugging on the hubby that looks like Tony Stewart.
You can't miss me!!

In the mean time I wish you all great holiday shopping and if you want to get someone a really cool Tye Dye for Christmas -- this guy in Vermont does really good quality work: http://www.tie-dyes.com/

Anyway, I'll see ya on the flip side on the 12th!!

Hugs to all and thanks for being such an awesome cyber/forum family!
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Post by Coden »

Have a wonderful time Gromit and holler back at us when you can!!
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Post by Ksea »

Have a wonderful time!
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Post by Pia »

Wooo Hoooo - I'll see you on the 9th for sure, not sure about the 4th but I'll try.

If you are at Skinny's on Thursday afternoon (after 1pm) drop by and see me at Town and Country across the street :)

Happy travels

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Post by Jan&MikeVa »

Have a good trip!! We'll looking forward to seeing you guys on the 4th and going from there. Beach Bar on the 9th is a MUST as well! :lol:

It'll be good to see you guys again, it's been 3 years!!
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Post by Pianogrl »

Gromit.....have an awesome time on island!! Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back!
Bon Voyage!!
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Post by flip-flop »

If she didn't help change my tire I would have to be a hater right now. But I love her! Have a good trip Gromit & hurry home so we can start planning 2009!
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Post by islandgirl »

ooooooohhhhhhh my have a beautiful time!!!! take a bunch of pics so we can sit here on the forum and drool. remember to soak every second up. ENJOY :wink:
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Post by b-as-u-r »

Gromit, have a great time! Don't you and I share the same ballcap? Life is good, brown, pink heart (and mine has been signed by KC). You forgot to mention that in your description. I'll be on my sailing trip arriving on the 7th and departing on the 15th. I'll only be on land on the 7th and again on the 14th, but will make sure my "on land" time is spent on STJ. So, I'll be the not skinny 5' 6" brunette (w/highlights) tan chica clothed in the Forum tee, wearing the (said) Life Is Good hat and hugging on the most adorable husband who still looks like he's in his 20's (argh!). Who knows, maybe we'll have a chance meeting. Enjoy! Ali~
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