Linne's diary from NY, STT, STJ and STX, part 2

Travel discussion for St. John
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Post by CariBert »

Great story telling, Linne. How did you manage to get invited on board a rather large Catamaran?? I never got an invite like that. You must be 100% cuter than I am!! Well, that goes without saying, tho......

Keep the report and pictures coming! Speaking of pictures, do you have one of you and hb together?

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Bill in Va
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Great report

Post by Bill in Va »

Hi there. Thankyou thankyou thankyou. I too am amazed at all you did. Enjoying your story and your observations..Well done and right on...God bless...Bill
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Post by sailorgirl »

What a great report. What great enthusiasum. I evny you!
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Post by sailorgirl »

What a great report. What great enthusiasum. I evny you!
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Post by chicagoans »

Yea! Linne on a noodle! Thank you for posting that and all your wonderful pictures.

I am enjoying your report so much, and I can tell you had a wonderful time. I love your sense of adventure. How fun that you got invited onto a big boat for the fireworks!

I can't wait to read more.
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Post by mia »

You report is just plain old fun to read....I'm looking forward to your next installment...mia
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Post by sea-nile »

Fun report and great pictures!!
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Post by Wolfhound »

Your reports are great and so are the pictures. Thanks for sharing.
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Post by Xislandgirl »

Your report is wonderful and the noodle picture made me laugh out loud :lol:
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Post by silverheels »

This board is known for its wonderful trip reports and yours has topped them all! It is so great to see ST. John through your sparkling eyes. On my very first trip to St. John we stayed at Serendip. That was a long time ago. You sound like a person we all would like to meet and spend some time with. Thank you for all you have written and the more to come.
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Post by LandLockedBeachLover »

Linne - Great trip reports!! I SO enjoy your style of writing - - you sound like a sweetheart! And you are SO lucky you were invited on the boat by Goldie the drunk girl! We stayed in Red Hook to watch the fireworks (mistake), and they looked SO small from there. Get to work on part 3 :D !
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Post by ccasebolt »

Love your reports so far Linne!!! Thank you for sharing - I'm living your experiences through your wonderful descriptions :)
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Post by waterguy »

Great report glad you are having a good time. Your noodle picture made me laugh.
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Post by snorkelqueen »

Thrilled to see your report. My husband and I saw you on the dock and we spoke of your trip and the fact that you were on your way to St. Croix. We are from California - I hope you remember, we watched as you wrote your name in the sand. We are so pleased to see your pictures....perhaps we'll meet again on St. John.
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Post by St. John Lover »


What a great trip report. Am thoroughly enjoying them. You are such a doll for writing out everything so thoroughly in a non-native language. I, like so many others on this forum, SO appreciate it.

What a blessing to see islands we love through new eyes!

Bless you!
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