Linne's diary from NY, STT, STJ and STX, part 2

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Linne's diary from NY, STT, STJ and STX, part 2

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Early up in the morning, a swim in the sea, breakfast at the terrace, packing the last things. Very important. Remember my pillow! Today is the day where we are going to STJ. The islands I'm in love with without having seen it. Only read what forum members tell. So exciting. But also sad to leave Secret Harbour and the beautiful view.


Found E-Z- car's office very easily. Good service again. On our way to the 9 o'clock ferry, André (think he is the owner of the car rental firm) showed us an apartment in another resort, which could be an option, if we come again. Very nice room but no sea view. Prefer S.H. Now the ferry. André told, where to buy tickets. No problems, but no one offered help with luggage, which was very heavy. Have bought too much drinking stuff in STT! Asked one about a porter. He shouted a name, and a young man, not looking quit normal, came and helped us. Good! Fine sail, get into conversation with a nice couple who worked on the hospital in STJ. Arrival. St. John, here we come! But felt that the situation was a little chaotic at this moment. Very hot, our heavy luggage, where to find a taxi? Thank you for helpful people! The couple we have talked with took some of the luggage for us. Could see that the weight surprised the man. Stupid of us, why did we buy all that in STT? Now a taxi. Wasn't so easy to find, because of the carnival, but finally the women succeeded. Have to pay 20 dollars for the trip. Fine with us. Hope we will see the couple again, so we can offer them a drink, but just now - destination Serendip. Have made an arrangement with Tom and Nancy, the outside managers about leaving our luggage there. Arrival Serendip. No one to see, became a little nervous, what if we can't come in? But now hb finds an envelope with our name on and with a key- the condo "Juliette" is free, and we can move in! So happy about that! Unpacking and a dip in their small pool. Nice! Come on, we are going to carnival now! Down the hill, destination Cruz Bay, hopefully it's the right way, not many people to see. It is the right way, can see the buildings now. Where to start? Cannot see any parade. Ok, we try to go near the harbour. Is there any place to sit? All restaurants seems to be filled up, many people on chairs along the road. Ok, we have to stay. The parade begins. Different cars with a beautiful girl in each. Must be a competition! Now a procession with "middle-aged women", so they called themselves. So funny their dresses are, as if they only wear a tanga. They dance, drink water, smile, dance again. I admire their courage. The processions continue, one after one, lots of music, colours, people. A very hot day.



Buy our first smoothies, ah, how delicious, I'm already addicted. New processions, walking around, try to find a place in the shadow. Are hungry now. Should we try to find a restaurant with a free table? Also need to sit down soon. Now, a couple leave a table here. Look at the name of the restaurant: Margarita Phil's, not on the list I have made at home with recommended restaurants/menus. Doesn't matter. The waiter says that we only can have the table, if we want a menu, and we can only be there for an hour. Fine with us, need to sit down and need something to eat and drink. Enjoyed the food and beer, would have liked to sit there a little more and have had dessert, but the waiter told us, that there were only a few minutes left of the hour. Ok, off we go. Now near the National Visitor Center. Admiring all these, am I allowed to say "round" women, who seem to be proud of every pound on their body. So nice.



After about an hour I need to sit down again-can walk in several hours but to stay without moving is a pain for me-. Took a plastic bag and sat down on the earth near a tree with some shadow. Not a very feminine position, but who cares? After a while hb suggest to go near the middle of the town. OK. The music now is very loud, and it's still very hot. Need a break. Let's go to the beach. Dipped my feet in the water to cool them. Near High Tide. Should we take a drink? Of, course, now it must be the time to have our first painkiller! So fantastic, the name is true, it really kill he pain (for a while). Recovered we went to carnival again. Some of the processions seem to be finished now, but many still wear their carnival dress. As I told, very proud of every pound on the body!


Think we have seen it all now. Should we go home? But I want to see the firework. Hb asks a policeman if we can see it from Serendip, but he says no. What now? Let's go to the famous Woody's. Are so surprised that the place isn't bigger and more fancy.


Very occupied, but now a man offers us his place. Nice of him. Talk with the other people by the table. Like the atmosphere here. Have still a problem with drinking beer of a bottle, so awkward not to drink of a glass, try to hide it, must be one of the gang. People come and go, now a new couple arrive to our table. The girl is tall and slim, good looking, think she is like a young Goldie Hawn. And now the usual question." Where are you from?", "Denmark", "Oh, I like the Danish Christmas lights, what about you?" So suddenly I was sitting at Woody's a hot day in July and had a deep conversation about Christmas light with a girl I have just met!!! When we have discussed this subject a while, we continued with other subjects, and I asked her, if she knew anything about the trip with New Horizon II. She could recommend it very highly - had been on it 4 times. Told hb that, he has read about the sailtrip, but was not sure that we would get value for the money. New question from me. "Do you know where the best place is to see the firework?" "You can come with us on the boat". "The boat?". "Yes, first we have to sail in a small boat, and then we will go to a bigger boat, I just need to have some phonecalls". Tell hb about the proposal, he is very sceptical, doesn't really like the idea. Why not? (I'm more adventurous than him). Ask "Goldie" if she really means it. Yes, it will be fun. Hb accepts. "Goldie" phones somebody, no problems. But it's too early to sail now. Let's go down to the beach bar and have a drink. On our way "Goldie" join hands with me as if we are two young school friends, I'm not drunk but not completely sober, so I just find it so funny. An orchestra is playing a good melody, and "Goldie" and I take some dance step together, some young local girls laugh of us- very friendly, and my hb shake his head at his wife. Now to the beach bar. What about a bushwhacker? A bushwacker? OK, it's on my list with "must try", so why not now. Hb drinks beer. Later on we goes to the harbour where "the little" boat is waiting. It's a speed boat with two motors, each has 225 hp. A nice fellow is the captain, and he sails very carefully out to the big boat. And it is really big. It's an 80 food catamaran.


Up with us, several people on board. What do you like to drink? A coke! - will not risk to be drunk. Hb goes around with a big smile on his face. Really enjoy seeing this boat. Loves to sail, a few years ago he was on a 4 weeks "boytrip" to Tonga with some sailor friends. They had rented at big catamaran, but this one is much, much bigger, he tells me. Now the firework starts. How beautiful and how impressing to see it from the sea. "Goldie" says that she is so happy that she has met me. Happy that she has met me! Here I am on an impressing boat looking at firework in CB, and she is happy that she has met me?? But when I for the third time answer her question about where we are staying in CB, I realize that she perhaps not is totally sober. Never mind. It's funny. Have her address and email so I can send her pictures of us together and later a Christmas card. Return to C.B with the motorboat, take a taxi to Serendip. What a day! Our first day on STJ, our first smoothie, our first painkiller, our first beer at Woodys, my first Bushwhacker, seing carnival, being on a big catamaran and talking with a lot of people during the day. Slept fine despite the king bed!

Next day, breakfast on the veranda, relaxation, enjoy the view and especially the birds. A coconut is hanged up, and we were told to boil some water with sugar and put it in. Love to look at the life of the birds. Both banana quits and humming- birds.


But cannot sit here the whole day. Things to do. Down the hill to the Market Place. There should be a Tourist Information. Found it. Asked about the trip with NH II. The lady said, why that, there are others, but I insisted. People have recommended it! "It cost 135 dollars p.p. + custom to BVI 20 dollars p.p".,"Yes, I know", "There are 2 places left on Saturday", "Just fine, we are doing it". Paid a deposit. Very easy, looking forward to the trip. Walked around in CB, were impressed that a big part of the town already was cleaned after the carnival. Next destination: The National Visitor Center. Want to try the Reef Bay trail. Oh no. Was filled up all the time we were on STJ. The nice lady told that she would put us on a waiting list, and we would be contacted if there was space, or as she said, alternative you just come next thursday, look unhappy of not coming with, and hope that they then will allow you to participate, I think they will. Good idea, thank you! Had some information about the ruins in Caneel and the ruins in Annaberg.. Bought a snorkeling guidebook. Nice if we can find the name of the fish. Decided to take a taxi to Caneel Bay. Have our neat sheat and some special very light towels in the backpack. Coming to Caneel Bay we admired the surroundings, so well kept the ruins are, and how nice everything is here.


Let's have our lunch now, a shrimp salad for hb and a tuna wrapped sandwich for me with macaroni and cole slaw. Very good. Now to the beach. So beautiful, not to believe. A swim and a nap on the neat sheet. Walk a little around. Another swim, time to go home. Not a problem finding a taxi back to CB. What are we going to eat to night? Hb sees a man standing near the street barbecuing. Smells tempting. What about that? I insist that if we should have barbequed meat tonight, we have to try Uncle Joe. He is on my list. Ok, but where is Uncle Joe? Suddenly I see a sign who tells, that we are on the right place. Again surprised. Haven't imagined that Uncle Joe just was one man standing in open air barbecuing near the street. Ordered one rib and one chicken.


Took the food with us home to Serendip. Enjoyed our GTI on the veranda and enjoyed the meal. The air was very hot, but we found out that there were 2 fans outside. Very effective. Serendip is much better than I have believed. Was not the first choice. Our wish was to stay at Estate Lindholm in some days and after that have a house in Coral Bay. Have read so many good things about E.L. and the host Lauren. And we also like, that E.L is built in an old Danish ruin. But unfortunately E.L. was not available on the days we wanted. So we had to find another place in CB, could not have the jeep at carnival day. Decided to stay 2 days at Serendip, have a house 5 days in Coral Bay and end up with 3 days at E.L. Unsure if it is a good idea to stay in E.L., after we have had a house for ourselves, but think we have to try it. We must see! Now another nice day is coming to the end.

NORTH SHORE ROAD, THE EAST END, CORAL BAY, ISLAND COTTAGEIn the morning hb phoned L & L Rental. We were ready to have the jeep we have booked. A car picked hb up at Serendip and hb returned in the jeep a short time after. Now some renovation was taking place here, not so nice to be outside now. Doesn't matter. We were leaving. Bought some food in Starfish Market. A wide range of goods, but yes, it' s correct, it's very expensive on STJ! Looking forward to see the beaches on the North Shore road. Have to stop many times, could not believe that there were so many beautiful, beautiful places. Coming to Maho bay we saw it was possible to park near the beach, so why not take a stop here, where we are able to see the jeep with the luggage in? So out with the neat sheet and the towels. Want a swim and a nap. By a mistake I had packed hb bathing trunks, could not remember exactly where. OK, no one near us, just take a swim in your very decent underpants. How wonderful to have a swim in a beach like this! After a while - in the jeep again. Want to see the East end, now where we were near. Also breath-taking. And what do we see here? Vie!! On my list! What to have here! Conch and garlic chicken of course.


Conch good, and the chicken even better that the one from Uncle Joe. Have still about more than an hour before check-in time. Let's look at Coral Bay! Take the road to Concordia. So many beautiful places here too. Now it must be the time to find Island Cottage. Found it very easily. As regards the house, I can tell that I have used incredible much time to choose, reading reviews, asking on the boards, looking on Internet etc. After much work and many discussions at home we finally decided, which house it should be, but then like E.L. - it was not available! So disappointed. But later on I found Island Cottage, which seems completely to fulfil our wishes. The owner, Cindy, an artist living in Cape Cod and I have mailed several times with each other, first of course about the house but since about other things too. So funny, like a girlfriend. I was convinced that we would like the house, but of course you are anxious to see it. Just loved it from the first moment. The house is light and airy, there is not too much stuff, very cosy, and it has a good "smell".



And an awesome view not to forget from both the living room and the bedroom.


Like that it is near Coral Bay and on a paved road, but still you feel that you are on a secluded place. A pleasure to unpack here, knowing that it's your house for the next 5 days. After unpacking went to buy some meat, but no fresh meat to buy. Have to buy some frozen. Were in Skinny legs to say hello to Tracey, who takes care of the house and has her little shop with leather goods here. Very sweet person, like her. Have our GTI on the deck, grilled on the gas grill, not something fancy, just a piece of meat with baked potatoes and salad. Wine too.

After that having a bath and then in the Hot Tube, stargazing. What a wonderful end of the day!

NEW HORIZON IIEarly up. Today we are going with NH II on the trip to the Bath at Virgin Gorda and to Josh van Dyke. Have to be in Cruz Bay on time. No problem with traffic and find parking place very easy.I have taken a Bonine pill, get seasick very easy, but feels as if I'm dizzy now. Glad that I only took one. Could have taken 2 according to the instruction. Some time until the boat shall be here. Now it comes. Filled up, 16 persons, but there is space for all. Thrilled. What will the day bring? The crew introduce themselves and tells short about the trip - and about tip! Muffins, juice and soda water are served, and later on you can have drinks. What about a painkiller? Of course. Never say no to a painkiller. So many islands around here. What's their name. Like to know that. Our guide a nice young women tell something. Have problems, cannot understand what she says. Not only because of my English but also due to a reduced hearing. And she talks very fast and after my opinion very affectedly. Ask as usual hb, who speaks English much better than me: What does she say? But he has also problems understanding her very fast speaking. So annoying, but of course, we are the only on board from a not English speaking country, and they cannot give us a special treatment. After a stop near the BVI customs coming to the Bath. Have to swim to the shore. Have been in doubt about my abilities to swim from the ship, but no problems at all. Very easy. Don't need a noodle but try one, just to see how it works.


Some of you know why I have to bring this picture

On the Bath we have a short roundtrip with the guide. Still a problem to understand everything she says. Go a little around ourselves looking on the giant boulders in funny formations.


But now we have to go to lunch on Marina Cay. Back to the boat! Marina cay, famous because the author Robb White has written a book about living there. On the bridge, where we anchor, they have a web came. Should we try to stand before it and send a SMS to our son telling him to see it at home? Yes! Laugh a little because hb do not wear bathing shorts as all other men here in VI, he wears short trunks as many still do at home. Have asked if we should buy some shorts, but he doesn't care. Better with short trunks! In Pusser's restaurant I have a chicken sandwich and hb a bacon cheese salad. Good! Next stop is what for us was considered to be the highlight, snorkelling Guana Island! And yes, there were some pretty corals, and we saw 2 barracudas, but except for that, after our opinion, not much to see! So we were not disappointed only having short time here. In the boat again direction Josh van Dyke and Soggy Dollar Bar. Pretty white sand here. Many people on the beach. Not too crowded, but not as Caneel or Maho Bay. I definitely want to try the painkiller, where the drink was invented, so off I go to the Soggy Dollar Bar. Have read that you have the best painkiller here. But surprise, surprise! Not so good as the one I had in High Tide! Can it be because it was the first, I tasted? Or perhaps because I really needed one at that time? Don't know.


The longest stop was here. Walked a little around, took a swim but now it's time to sail home. What about a drink? Yes, I take a painkiller! What about some fruit? Yes, thank you, so nice. Home again we have a discussion about the trip. Although the guide not was our type, and especially me thought that the crew was talking too much about tip, nothing to blame them. The guide did a good job, served the drinks people wanted and I think, told was she has to tell. And this about tip is only because I'm not used to tip in the same way as here. Also we were together with nice people, saw 3 BVI islands and were snorkelling. But still. I have to give hb right. Too little value for the money. Back in Cruz Bay a new question. Should we stay here and have our dinner on a restaurant? No, both of us were longing to come home to "our " house. Went to Starfish to have some fresh meat and some potatoes. Went to miss Lucy.
Should we reserve a table, if we come to Sunday brunch? Not necessary! Love the view from here.


Enjoyed the dinner on the deck - nearly the same as yesterday- but no stargazing in the Hot Tube tonight. When hb tried to switch the TV on, the electricity to the Hot Tube went out. Hb looked after the junk function but couldn't find it. Have to call Tracey tomorrow.

to bee continued!
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Post by Barb »

Thanks for the trip report Linne. Sound as if you both had fun. :D
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Linne on her noodle!!!!!!!!!!!!! PRICELESS!
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Post by Pia »

Loved the report, can't wait for more - thanks for the "noodle" picture I remember the thread with the description well :)

And Linne I want to thank you for taking the time to write a trip report as I know that it must be very difficult to write in a language that is not "yours" - you are doing an excellent job I appreciate it very much.

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Post by AnyTing »

Linne - I am enjoying your reports SO MUCH. Thanks for sharing in such a wonderful way!
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Post by PA Girl »

I was thrilled to see Part II posted this morning.

"Your" house looks very nice, you made a good choice.

Looking forward to Part III.
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Another wonderful report Linne! I'm so impressed by all of the notes you took and how you seem to look for the good in everything.
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Post by augie »

Thank you for sharing your report!

It is so nice that on your first night on STJ you were treated to such kindness from a stranger, who took you to see the fireworks - it must be because after a short conversation with you she could sense how sweet you are!
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Post by Grace »

Great report. So much fun to read. Your impressions are right on.

The picture of you in the water with the noodle was precious. Can't wait to read the rest.

I think for first timers you and your husband did very well.

Love the details. Thanks for sharing. :D
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Great report Linne! I really enjoy your writing style and I love how you are spending your time on St. John! It sounds like all your research and planning paid off! I'm ready for part 3 :D
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Boy – I can’t believe all the things that you are doing. Your reports read like a good book – I can’t wait for the next one.

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Great story and a great trip report!


Cheers, RickG
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Great report again, Linne. And I love your noodle picture. Is so funny :lol: :lol:
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Great report linne! Sounds like you two are having so much fun. Oh, and I loved your noodle pic. That made me laugh!
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Post by linne »

I forgot to bring pics of the firework, so here they are:



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