Travel discussion for St. John


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Thanks Jorge!
We will do our best!
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Tracy in WI
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Thanks Jorge - theres still room if you and your beautiful bride want to catch a late flight out!

Looks like it's going to be a wonderful day.

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Have fun guys, take plenty of pics and leave some rum and beer for the rest of the MidWest!
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Yes! We want pics!!! Have a few drinks for me too!
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Awwww....I'm sad that I have to miss this tonight!! Think of me at my class reunion instead!! I'll have a Bushwacker in all you honor....that is if they know how to make it!!
Have a great time tonight!!
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Are you guys hanging a "Beach Bar" sign somewhere?
Have a great time and YES, do have a couple of your Favorite Island drinks for me.
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this must be going on now. hope everyone is having a great time!

My ears were burnin....

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Sorry I missed it...well not really. I was touring the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. :lol:
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We just got back from this and had a great time!
Tracy and Juice were wonderful hosts!
I think that Tracy has some good pictures. I took a few.
It was really fun and i hope we can do it again sometime so those of you who couldn't make it can come. Maybe Ron_L's Racine food cook-off would be a good location.
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Marcia (Mrs. Pete)
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Yes, it was a fun evening. Tracy and Juice were wonderful hosts. We could not do the boating part during the day (four kids running in 15 directions) but, the dinner was fabulous (thanks in part to Ruth's spices) and a good time was had by all.

Marcia (Mrs. Pete)

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