20 days in paradise, part 2

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Loving your reports! And I agree with the villa cooking. Sounds like stuff you get at Chataeu Bourdeaux! I wish I could be more creative like that. My peeps are non-adventurous eaters. Sucks for me!

I think the Spotted Eagle Rays are my favorite sightings. They are so graceful and majestic. I think the only things I would be more awed by would be a Manta. Nice Job!
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unless you are going down the same time as me--then it is a terrible house and you definitely should not stay there!
LOL :lol:

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Really enjoy reading your report especially since we were next door at Island Sun while yall were at Cinnamon Tarn.Hope we didn't disturb you.It really is amazing how private it feels up there even though the villas are 50 yds apart.
After seeing all of your meals I wish we had bothered you at least one of those nites.

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Lovely trip report. My John and I never have brought food down (except for snacks). When at home, we eat out maybe once a week, but on vacation, it's our time to splurge and enjoy. If I ever prepared a meal the way you do on vacation, my life of eating out on vacation would end! Your attention to detail (in your trip report and your meals!) is above and beyond. Thank goodness, my John doesn't ever read this forum. My wife ranking would plummet.
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Okay, now I'm hungry...

Great report and pics! Can't wait to
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Another amazing photographer. Where do you guys get all this talent?!?
California Girl

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What a great report! I don't cook that much at home so I can't even imagine making meals like that on vacation! I think I should learn...I'm sure you had better meals and spent a lot less money with your gourmet cooking! :D

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