RIP Ronnie Lockhart

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RIP Ronnie Lockhart

Post by Anthony »

It was a privilege knowing Ronnie. He was a long time friend and supporter of this website and the forum, and a very special person. Some of my favorite memories of my time living in the VI were with him: attending rotary meetings on St. John, going to the Taste of St. Croix together, and hanging out with him and his crew of St. Thomians at Alexander's in Frenchtown - where he dined almost every night. The stories and good natured banter that went on there were priceless. He was also one of the luckiest people I ever met - we attended a lot of meetings and events together, and if there was ever a 50/50 or a raffle, I'll be damned if Ronnie didn't win (he told me once that the secret was just buying a lot of tickets!). He was there when we hung the bell for Howie at Skinny Legs too as some of you may recall, and he was the one who called me on the night that my webcam was broadcasting the reflection off our window, showing our whole family on our king sized bed to the world - it was after that that he let me put the cam at the Crystal Palace, where it somehow ran for years without me touching it.

It was way too long since the last time I saw him, and it saddens me to know that he won't be picking me up at the airport the next time I visit.

Rest In Peace brother.

Here are some links that Ed S posted in another thread: ... -lockhart/ ... -lockhart/ ... ed0d4.html
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Re: RIP Ronnie Lockhart

Post by ChrisRetired »

Spent a great deal of time on this forum (aka Chris@Work) and had the pleasure of finally meeting Ronnie, staying at Crystal Palace way back. He shared so many island stories, some of which were probably exaggerations but knowing Ronnie maybe not :lol:.
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