Groceries on St. John

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Groceries on St. John

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I love to cook and also enjoy visiting grocery stores when traveling. Grocery stores are a great place to find local sauces and spices. We rented a villa with a kitchen to keep our costs of eating out down as well. We stopped for basic provisions (bread, eggs, juice, rum) at Moe's in Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas. We needed to navigate to our villa and "knew" Moe's. Easy to stop there and get lunch nearby. Therefore, I can not comment on the Starfish Market in Cruz Bay as we headed straight from the ferry to the villa. Parking in Cruz Bay can be problematic too. We were centrally located on island overlooking Coral Bay.

The 4 grocery stores were as follows:
Midway Market- Midway on rte 10 between Cruz Bay and Coral Bay (area). Our villa provided us with fresh salads from here. They were delicious but when we went to shop there, we saw empty shelves. Very few goods. A shame because they had plenty of space!

Dolphin Market (Coral Bay)- Also very lean on supplies. The vegetables looked sad. No fresh or frozen meats/fish that I could see. However, it's close to "Wok on the Beach Restaurant" which had the BEST margarita on the island so I was able to deal delightfully with my disappointment.

Love City Market (Coral Bay)- Very well stocked! Only frozen fish and chicken. No other meats (go to Skinny Legs if you want a burger...might as well let someone else grill delicious there!) The produce here was rather limp as well (see Skinny Legs again for their micro-green salads).

Calabash Market (rte 107 south in Calabash)- Head southeast, hugging Coral Bay. Eureka! Gorgeous fresh meat and seafood. It's a tiny place but well stocked and very friendly. The produce was better but island produce withers quickly and I'm a spoiled northeast brat enjoying Jersey spring produce at the moment! THIS is the market to go to on the east end! Continue south and see the incredible sites/views near Salt Bay. Stop at Calabash Market on your way home!
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Re: Groceries on St. John

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Weekend shopping can be a challenge. Tuesdays and Wednesdays we see better produce given the shipping schedules. Josephine's down King Head Road, past Love City Market, has great organic produce. We buy salad greens, okra, bok choy, and whatever else they have.

Cheers, RickG
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Re: Groceries on St. John

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I second Rick's suggestion for Josephine's. Great place and people. The spinach is awesome

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