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Trip insurance

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Good morning. We are traveling to St John next February and were wondering if anybody has purchased trip insurance, and if so, through what company. I’ve tried to get a quote from CSA on line but the website isn’t very user friendly. The last time we booked the trip was cancelled because of the two hurricanes but the owner of our house was great and offered to return the money or hold for the following year. We chose the latter. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks.
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Re: Trip insurance

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We have used "" for years. They will provide quotes from multiple companies and they have a user friendly process to select options. Then you can click on 3 or 4 policies and they pop up on a page that clearly allows you to compare the primary details of each option you want to compare to the others.

We've had to cancel a couple of trips over the years and the insurance has always worked well for us. We also opt for the "cancel for any reason" option. It costs a bit more but those options will generally pay you back up to 75% of the trip cost and it prevents having to provide a ton of documentation for reimbursement. It is a way to cover weather related cancellations as many policies don't cover that issue.

I also cancelled once for work reasons and I had selected that option and we were reimbursed.

Sorry for the long response but wanted to let you know that is an option that has worked well for us in the past. I have 3 future trips insured with them now.

Good luck and have a great time on STJ. We started visiting in 1986 and have visited many times. Unfortunately we haven't been back since 2016 but I'm hoping to return in 2021 for the 8 Tuff Miles race in February.
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Re: Trip insurance

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We have used Insure my trip and while we have never had to make a claim, it gives you a good overview of options. I will never use Allianz,
My brother in law was diagnosed with a brain tumor 60 days ago and they are denying the claim saying it was a pre existing condition. He had no symptoms until the month between Christmas and New Years and had purchased his insurance well before his diagnosis. This is a devastating event for his wife and family and the insurance company is making it even more so!!
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