Sea Stone Villa

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Sea Stone Villa

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Was wondering if anyone has any feedback about Sea Stone Villa. Four of us are planning on a trip next winter and this villa looks really good to us. This will be my 11th visit so I know the island pretty well. Just wanted to know, that if you know the house, are there indoor showers ( says there are 2 outdoor showers) ? Also, how’s the pool? Looks like a lap pool but is it that long ? Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving.
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Re: Sea Stone Villa

Post by Pickle »

My info might be outdated since it was 2008 when we stayed there. That said, looking at the photos currently posted on line, the property looks pretty much the way I remember it.

I’m almost sure both bedrooms had an outdoor shower only. The bedroom in the main building, where we slept, definitely did not have an indoor shower.

The pool is narrow and a little longer than average pools on St. John. For me, a lounger, it was not as inviting as more conventionally sized pools but my husband seemed to enjoy a little swim.

I remember the villa as a bright home with an in-your-face water view and iguanas. At the time there were some iguanas (2 to 4) hanging around the pool deck pretty much all day and they didn’t seem to be wary of our presence.
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