On a serious note...The Villa Book

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On a serious note...The Villa Book

Post by Bandit »

Did any of you get an e-mail this morning promoting The Villa Book? :evil:

Anthony...are you sharing/selling our e-mail addy's?

I do everything I can to keep my e-mail private for obvious reasons and just wondered how this solicitation made it to me.

Anyone else?
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Post by flip-flop »

Nope didn't get it. Also didn't register my email address or make it publicly available. Maybe some smart marketer scanned the memberlist and compiled a list of emails on their own. Would take a little time but it wouldn't be hard.
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Post by Diana2 »

Nope. I got nothing. Who ever got your e-mail address probably didn't get if from here.
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Post by JT »

Me, neither. Maybe your villa agency?
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Post by Ksea »

I didnt get it.
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Post by Xislandgirl »

I didn't get it either.
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Post by California Girl »

Nope I didn't get it either. You're just a popular guy, Bandit. But they probably know what a rich playboy you are and wanted you, in particular, to rent one of their villas. Actually, it sounds kind of interesting.
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Post by mbw1024 »

nothing here
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Post by Jan&MikeVa »

Nothing here..........

Jan (akaCharlie)

OK then...

Post by Bandit »

I'll be off the Board for awhile as I need to go get Lottery Tickets. Seems I'm the Lucky one.
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Post by waterguy »

Buy me a ticket to I need your luck Ididn't get any thing either
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Post by Marcia (Mrs. Pete) »

I didn't get anything either. The idea of it coming from a villa agency that you have used makes a lot of sense to me...

Marcia (Mrs. Pete)
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Re: On a serious note...The Villa Book

Post by Anthony »

Bandit wrote:Did any of you get an e-mail this morning promoting The Villa Book?
I have not - can you forward the email to me though, I would like to see it.
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Post by njhdrider »

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Post by cat »

I didn't get it either. I get spam from all over so it is a miracle I didn't get it! :D

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