I'm still (literally) on island time.

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I'm still (literally) on island time.

Post by obsessedmuch »

That's why I'm home but still up at 5:00 a.m. My body thinks it's 7:00 and if I even think of that sunrise over Coral Bay and how it's happening and I'm not seeing it, well, I just want to cry like a baby.

My time on (and around) STJ was wonderful, fantastic and all those other words we try to use for things when we just can't really find the right words at all.

Everything about it was just so easy. Anything I was nervous about beforehand (driving, safety, etc.) simply faded away within moments. This past ten days have been the most reassuring of my life.

What I must do before anything else though is say a huge THANK YOU to all the people that "adopted" me during this trip. Vicki and her crew, the Wishweweretheres, Karen and Ian (not forum members... yet), Ruth and Ron, Randy and Marcia, Rob & Cindi, Pia and Les and everyone else I met along the way (I hope I'm not missing anyone)! It was truly amazing to have a little "island family" during my trip. It made for the perfect balance of time alone and social time- I loved it!

And I'd honestly encourage anyone wanting to head down there but unsure of going it alone to DO IT. There are a few things you have to be smart about and once you've done that, you are set and you won't regret it. (To tell the truth, my list of people I'd now "allow" to join me after this trip is very short.) :)

Thanks again, all! Report and a billion photos to come!
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Tracy in WI
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Post by Tracy in WI »

I'm so glad you had a great time and so happy for you that you went. Isn't it awesome to know what you can do by yourself?? ANd that forum family sure sounds like a great support too!

Looking forward to the details!

Tracy, Seaside Properties at Grande Bay
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Post by kellyanna »

Welcome back. Sounds like you had a fatastic trip! We loved seeing on the webcam! Can't wait to hear more!
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Post by cptnkirk »

Welcome back can't wait for the reports and pics!!
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Post by waterguy »

I'm glad you had a great time looking forward to your report.
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Post by Pia »

It was great meeting you and glad you made it "home" (after all STJ is now really "home - right :wink:) safe.

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Barb Y
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Post by Barb Y »

How cool that you kind of had the best of both worlds working for you. You had your alone time and friends/family time when you chose. I am glad you had such a great trip. I am looking forward to your pictures. Welcome back!
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Post by sea-nile »

Welcome back!
It sounds like you had a great time!
Going alone doesn't sound bad. If there was ever a place I'd consider going to alone, STJ would be it.
You are lucky that you discovered it while you are so young!
I can't wait to hear your reports.
California Girl

Post by California Girl »

Welcome back obsessed! It sounds like you had a marvelous time!
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Post by Puddlejumper »

Hey Obsessedmuch! Glad you had a great trip. I know you will post details later, but did you get to go sailing? Sorry we missed meeting. STJ is one place hard to leave. When away it is on my mind a lot, especially the clear water and island drinks. Great combo.
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Post by cat »

Looking forward to the report and the pics! :D
Teddy Salad
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Post by Teddy Salad »

Welcome back to Colorado. Glad you had a great time and looking forward to hearing about the trip.
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Post by AnyTing »

Welcome back! Can't wait to see some pics. Readjusting to "real life" stinks, doesn't it?

Was your first trip everything you hoped it would be?
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Post by designbyroe »

I am glad you had a good time solo....and it is not really solo on STJ.........people just are easier there and they welcome you.....
just like this forum welcomes people.
I may have to go by myself in Sept if my buddy does not turn up......
I will just have to price it right.....
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Post by b-as-u-r »

Glad to hear you had such a fabulous time. Welcome back. I have to confess that I was a little worried about you goihg by yourself. Sounds like you were well looked after by the wonderful folks here on the forum. Take your time getting back into reality mode. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures. Ali~
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