I'm still (literally) on island time.

Travel discussion for St. John

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Leslie - We were hoping we'd run into you on departure day at Cyril King but it was pretty nuts over there. I know what you mean by missing those mornings looking out over Coral Bay. Somehow these mornings in front of my PC just don't compare. Our Memorial Day cookout was great fun! Hope to see you on-island again someday...
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I'm still not back from being on island time either. Atleast it is summer ... that helps. I'm glad that you had such a great time! I enjoyed seeing you on the webcam and on Vicki's report. I can't wait to read yours and see your pics!

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I'm working on the trip report, guys, I really am.

One question: is there a major penalty for having a very [inexcusably] long trip report? I just can't seem to cut it down.

Oh and Randy, you're right- the aiport was insano land that day. I think I was lucky my plane was only 40 minutes late departing. It was so great meeting you all and getting a tour. The tower is awesome! ;)
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The longer the better is what I say

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Alright but you can't say I didn't warn you.

I should have it up later tonight.

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