Moving to St Thomas soon!

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Moving to St Thomas soon!

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Hello everyone,
My Fiancee and I are trying to move to STT for a little while in October and we would greatly appreciate any advice about places to live and job openings. Obviously we are not moving to make money, but more for the experience while we still can, this is only temporary and may last anywhere from 1-3 years depending on how it goes. I've done a bit of research on the islands myself but would love advice from people who have actually visited or lived there before. We would love to move to St John but it became clear very quickly that there are fewer jobs and the higher prices. Though, if anybody has any ideas about how to make it possible, I would love to hear them! My Fiancee is a big reader and is disappointed by the lack of a real bookstore there since the closing of dockside. Have any new ones opened or are there plans to open a new one? Again, any advice about St Thomas and St John is greatly appreciated! :D
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Re: Moving to St Thomas soon!

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The bookstore closing was certainly a big loss to STT for many readers especially as source of local Caribbean books and as a venue for local authors to get introduced to their audience.
Purchasing books online and also ebooks for the reader pads really took such market share a bricks and mortar store like Dockside had little chance to stay open.
The Humane Society has a huge used book selection and some local restaurants have book exchange shelves so your fiancee will find some relief can be had.
Try and save as much as you both can before coming - the expense of getting an apartment, utilities, a car, basic home furnishings etc. can easily deplete your cash and quickly - and get some employment as soon as you can even if it is nothing like you expected - it will help you network to a better job in most cases - and of course try to remain sane about late night partying - no one will tell you to cut back and it is very hard on island relationships.
I have lived here a long time and enjoy island life but it isn't for everyone for sure. Bring plenty of patience, tolerance, creative thinking and cash.
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