Need 3-Month Furnished Rental

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Need 3-Month Furnished Rental

Post by JimA »

My wife and I will be in St. Thomas Nov. - Jan. We are looking for a furnished rental for that time. We're trying to avoid vacation rentals. We'd like to keep our budget at $800 - $1,000/mo. We are using this trip to see how we like it, and may come back for a much longer stay. I have a couple of questions:

1) I see a lot of furnished apartments on Craigslist for $800-$1,000, and some which are available for 3 months. When Nov./Dec. arrives, do these tend to dry up for tourist season? The reason I ask is we are considering booking a hotel the first week or so in Nov., then visit some apartments. (I'd rather not book an apartment from a private party sight-unseen.) However, I'd hate to get there and the only option is properties beyond our budget.

2) Our other option is to book a vacation rental for the 3 months right now, but the least expensive one I can find is $1,300. I'll do it if I have to, but I'd rather avoid the higher expense.

I'm also open to any other suggestions. Can't wait to get there! I appreciate your feedback!
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Re: Need 3-Month Furnished Rental

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Check to see if utilities are included in the rentals you are looking at. Water and electricity are very expensive. Last month my electric bill was over $600 for the month.

If you can get a vacation rental for $1300/month including utilities take it. December is peak season and vacation rentals go to between $2000 to $3000 per week for a good property.
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