California Girl's Trip Report - Part 4 w/ pics

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I know, it's unbelievable, but WHAT A SPOT!
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StJohnRuth wrote:
California Girl wrote:I just finished off (with Rick's help) a box of "Miss Hatties Chocolate Dipped Coconut Patties" from St. John Spice. Oh so bad, yet oh so gooood! :wink:
Uh-oh, Rick and Margo. Were those supposed to be a PRESENT for someone?!!

I LOVED your photo of Captain Phil. I have known Phil for so many years and I have so much respect for him and what he offers. There are a lot of new folks out there offering day trips on a boat. Some definitely cater to a younger "party" crowd. I am so glad you had this day with Captain Phil. Great choice. Captain Phil, Captain Bob Ready on Spree, Captain Doug on Gypsy Spirit and Captain Neil Neuhardt (now on the "Flying Circus") are the pros out of Cruz Bay.

And by the way, half a million dollars may be the going rate for a half-acre on Lavango now, but Captain Phil has owned his property for years and he certainly didn't pay that back then. Believe me, he's no gazzillionnaire! I see him working very hard every single day to get this house built.

Great day, great report.
-Ruth are so right......
Capt Phil is the real deal.....that is why he wins
'best day charter' year after year.......he is so knowledgable and just an all around great guy....and he works so hard but it never seems like work.....
When my mom got sick and I had to leave island, I never will forget what he told me......
he said 'go and take care and spend all the time you can with .john will always be here, she will not'............
I just love him...

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So many trip reports and so little time (on my end here) I just wanted to say- thank you and you look like all was right with the world.
When will I see St John again?
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Great report
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sailorgirl wrote:Cail Girl,

The Tall Ship is the Picton Castle, it's a sail training vessel. Folks can sign on for various legs of a longer voyage. The owner/captian is Dan Moreland. here's a link to her islands adventure. ... an/venture in the Islands.

They had a tragedy this winter a young trainee went over baord in a gale and was lost.

Too bad you didn't have a chance yo board her. I did in NY during Op Sail 2000. Met Moreland, he knows some people I know, and is a real character. He introduced himself as " Captain Dan Morealnd Masetr of the Pictin castle". Wore a hat and everything. :-).
Just one more thing abou the Pictin Castle, her home port is Lunenburg Nova Scotia, Canada, a few years back, my bother's girlfriend's sister sailed around the world on this boat, and her trip was feature in a TV show called the Tall Ship Chronicles.She was one of the girls, who had her head shaved when they first passed over the equator. Really neat show.

The girl who was lost, over board, was Laura Gainey the daughter of Bob Gainey, GM of the Montreal Canadians.

Here's a link to the story, very sad!,2933,235743,00.html

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Great pictures! It looks like you had an awesome time!
PA Girl
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I am enjoying your reports. I got a kick out of seeing Capt Phil's house, it sure has come along way. We saw it in Feb 2006.

We had a great experience sailing with him during that trip. We took our 4.5 month old along. We are looking forward to taking our son out as soon as he can swim, Capt. Phil teaches them to snorkel young.
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Thanks CG - I am enjoying your reports very much.

As for Captain Phil, I was once rescued by him at one of the Cays. We rented a dinghy and jumped in to snorkel only I got caught in the current and was heading to St. Thomas rather quickly. He came over and helped me into his dinghy and then mine. He really saved my life!! Where was my husband?? snorkeling away and not even looking out for me.....!

Tracy, Seaside Properties at Grande Bay
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Great article and great trip report. Thanks for sharing. You are a great writer giving me all of the hints for me to picture your experience.

Cheers, RickG

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