California Girl's trip report - a VERY LONG part 1

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A drink always makes everything better.........looking forward to the rest of your vacation!
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Hey, Rick drinks AND brings both of his pairs of shorts on the plane!

Great story. I love that you can do the red eye and get on STT early. I would do that from DC if we could. I look forward to the rest of the story.

PLEASE, some details about the DBFT antics. It sounds like some of the other trip reports are keeping away from anecdotes about the people. It's the PEOPLE that I love to hear about.

Cheers, RickG
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No such thing as a report that is too long; love to hear all the stories. Kudos to your hubby - I think I would have cut off the bottom of my sweats by then! Can't wait for more.
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What a travel day! I will never complain about my DC to ATL connection again! Well, ok, this week.
California Girl

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RickG wrote: PLEASE, some details about the DBFT antics. It sounds like some of the other trip reports are keeping away from anecdotes about the people. It's the PEOPLE that I love to hear about.
I do have some rather "tame" stuff to tell about the DBFT, but unfortunately (or is that FORTUNATELY? hmmm...) we weren't included in the wild partying at Jorge's house. (You'll have to talk to Jorge, Billy or Tim for those stories.) We actually only met up a few times during the week. Once at the Beach Bar and until the last day when we planned to meet at Trunk Bay, we only met up by chance in town or elsewhere. Sometimes I thought there were plans to meet here or there, but I guess I was the only one who thought so. I do have to say, though, that every DBFT'er I met was fabulous. What a great group of people! I like 'em ALL!
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I loved hearing the backstory of how you came to discover STJ. Every time we bash the cruise passenger crowd, we have to remember that a lot of good people found paradise much as you did (not as a cruise passenger, but you know.)

Okay, shorts in carry-on. Got it. Avoid Caribbean Villas. Got it. Can't wait for the next lessons to learn from part 2!

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Great start! Look forward to hearing more and I love the details! Like you...we were sooo glad we'd packed shorts in our carry on when our luggage was lost. I really needed this report on a slow Monday morning! Thanks!
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Great first installment. I think if I was Rick, I would have shed the sweatpants and walk around in my BVD’s – just tell people you’re from France.

What a 1st night – can’t wait for the rest of the reports.

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You are so lucky that your villa contact delivered your luggage to you!

I can relate to the husband/clothing issue. I had a grouchy hub that was without his luggage for nearly two days in February. It will not happen again - he will forever be forced to at least carry one change of clothes!
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Good stuff

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Hey there. Thanks for the detail. We travel in pants that have zip off legs. Instant shorts as we land in St Thomas and then zip on the legs as we land in DC. I think we got them on Travel Smith. Keep the stuff coming..God bless...Bill

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