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Travel discussion for St. John

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Great pics so far! Seems like it went so fast.
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You all look darn fine for being so drunk and broke! What a great time. Thank you for sharing the pics and the stories.
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I recognize those suspects !! Give us some Day 2 teasers gurlfriend !!
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California Girl wrote:Kellee - That is the MOST AWESOME picture of Jorge! A classic for sure! I think we need to have a caption contest for that one! Winner gets a DBFT can cooler. Whaddaya' think? I'll put up the prize.
"That little fish just swam WAAAAY up my swim suit!"
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I havent been able to figure out why it was really called that? Was it Flageorge that came up with it????
California Girl

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wontongirl wrote:I havent been able to figure out why it was really called that? Was it Flageorge that came up with it????
Ok here's the REAL DBFT origin! (The Reader's Digest version)

I planned our trip to STJ for the 1st week of May. Then FlaGeorge & FlaSteph came out to Calif for a visit and we got together for a "drink & meet". After that trip they thought it would be a great idea to plan their STJ trip for the same time as we'd be there. Then Jorge thought he & his crew should come that week too and we could all have some fun together. I had mentioned taking a daysail and Jorge offered to take us all out on Pirate's Penny on his dime. I said I was planning a SAIL and couldn't afford 2 boat trips in one week. Then Jorge said "I always treat my "drunk, broke friends" to a boat trip on Pirate's Penny when I'm down there."

So that's how it all got started, the rest is history! :lol:

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