Pre-trip report teaser pictures :)

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California Girl

Pre-trip report teaser pictures :)

Post by California Girl »

Ok, I just couldn't wait to get some of these pictures online for you! Only 800 more to come! LOL!

Kellee, Margo & Tammy at Miss Lucy's

Kissing Up To Jorge at Trunk Bay!

Mike & Becky at Trunk Bay

Left to Right: BoatsRUs, Les, Pia, Kathy, Tim, Billy & Jorge at the Beach Bar

Sydney (ScubaGirl)

Sydney & The Dolphin at Waterlemon

Dolphin at Waterlemon

Sharon Swimming w/ the Dolphin

Margo & Rick on Sydney & Keith's Cat at Waterlemon

DBFT Tribute at Trunk Bay (Thanks for the shirts FlaGeorge & FlaSteph!)
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Post by Ron_L »

You are such a tease!

Nice pics. Can't wait for the rest!

Welcome back!

Time to start working on convincing the wife that we have to go back soon!
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Post by kirk »

WOW!!! Swimming with the Dolphin, that is so cool.
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Post by Pia »

Wow, where was the dolphin at Waterlemon - Les' "dream" (and mine) is to see one in the "wild" and as you know we walk Waterlemon quite a few times per week with the "girls" - always see turtles never dolphins, would love to know where you where and how far out.

Glad you made it home safe and it was great to meet you - great photos can't wait for the rest :)

California Girl

Post by California Girl »

Oh, by the way, those spots you see on my arm in the "me kissing Jorge" picture are ALL mosquito bites.
California Girl

Post by California Girl »

Pia, I think Sydney can tell you in better detail than me exactly where they were anchored, as they are the sailors, but they were between Waterlemon Cay and the shore. I'd say we probably swam about 1/2 as far from the boat to the cay as you would have to swim from the right side of the shore to the cay. Does that make any sense? The dolphin swam around and around and under the boat. It was so awesome. She hung out for about 45 min., I'd say. I didn't go back into the water (hence I got the pictures!) but she played with Sharon and Jen (Sydney & Keith's daughter) for quite awhile. It was completely amazing and I think Jen and Sharon had a life changing experience. It doesn't get more awesome than that!
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Post by mbw1024 »

FANTASTIC! Can't wait to see more and hear your story!

Post by obsessedmuch »

Cool! What a trip! Thanks for the preview. :)
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Post by waterguy »

What a great trip wish I was there
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Post by Betty »

Great Photos, can not wait for the trip report!
Swimming in nature with the dolphins is life changing!
How great of you to capture it for them!
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Bob & Anita
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Post by Bob & Anita »

What fun pictures! Great seeing everyone and can't wait to read your trip report.
Bob & Anita
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Post by Kentuckygirl »

Great pictures! I love the dolphin ones! Thanks for sharing!
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Post by Xislandgirl »

Great Pictures! Can't wait to hear all about your trip.
I am very jealous that you got to see a dolphin.
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Post by liamsaunt »

CG, what terrific pictures! I can't believe you had that dolphin experience. How cool. Please post your report and pictures soon. I am going to be totally useless at work this week, we fly out Saturday.
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