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Jorge - I am totally lovin' your reports! I feel like I am there with you guys...I know I would love to be.

I think the DBFT should make plans for a reunion here for Jazz Fest next summer then on to STJ :D Throw it out there - see if you get any bites...and I am not talking about the kind ya'll have been getting from the mosquitos.

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Oh Jorge, I want to be part of your group sitting at the Beach Bar, snorkeling in the ocean, getting nekkid in the pool :shock:

I just want to be there tooooooo :(
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Sounds like you are having a great time take care.
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Loved your second report.
I wish that I was there!
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Jorge, please don't screen your reports too much. The raw truth and your sense of humor is what makes them so much fun. :D
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Thanks for the report! Loved it! Sounds like you all are having a great time!
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Okay - it sounds like too much fun is being had!! Hey, if you all sober up a bit :lol: :lol: ...pick next years date for the DBFT and maybe some of us will be able to join in with some advance notice!!! :wink:
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Sounds like a party maybe we'll see ya while were stumblin around LOVE CITY.
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Sounds like you are all having a great time.
Hope you won't screen your reports too much, after all we are all family!

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I sure wish I was there! Keep the reports coming!
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Oh No Jorge -

I am planning on bringing some newbies and their kids down with us for the last week in June 2008. I'll be sure to sneak away to meet up with you all!! I'm excited to hear your plans!

Enjoy the rest of your trip - thanks for the reports!

Tracy, Seaside Properties at Grande Bay

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It sounds like you guys are all having so much fun!! I am so jealous stuck here in my office. My brain has already checked out on vacation, but my body is stuck here, for another 12 days, anyway.
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