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We did, in May of 1999! Stayed at Caneel.
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heading to STJ for the first time in June for my honeymoon. fiance and I will be staying at miles away villa for a week. can't wait!!
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congrats to you! Miles Away looks great!
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We did! Twice!!

Our wedding was planned for a year and a half out but then both my great-aunt and grandfather passed away within 3 months of each other. Based on this, we decided to move our wedding up a year for fear of losing more beloved elder relatives before we tied the knot. Me and my mum planned a 100 person budget wedding in six months! Let's just say we got a lot of help from friends andf family :).

So, come post-wedding time and having already planned a family trip to ST John for that year, this was our "first" honeymoon- yup, with hubby's family in tow! Brother & sister-in-law, one year old baby, aunt & uncle-in-law, mother & father-in-law. The whole family treated us like royalty though- paid for almost everything, gave us the best and most private bedroom at the villa (Cocotier), etc.

Then, the next year, we planned our own honeymoon, ALONE, and stayed in a small West Indian style cottage in Coral Bay up Calabash Boom- Sago Cottage. It was everything we had hoped for- private, intimate, quiet, unbelivable views, amazing trade winds, I could go on forever. It was perfect :).
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We honeymooned in St. John, at "Caneel Bay Plantation," in May, 1980. I thought it was the most beautiful place we had ever been---and still do. I kept the receipt from our stay all these years. We paid $90/night for a tennis garden room, MAP included for both of us! I have pictures of us on our honeymoon---I wore long pants and a sport coat to dinner in the sweltering heat.

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St. John Honeymoon

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My girlfriend and I became engaged on St. John in January of 1998 and decided right then that we would be married there as well. In January of 2000 we were married on Honeymoon Beach with about 20 friends in attendance and spent the next 2 weeks there honeymooning! We stayed in a villa called Villa Marisla, overlooking Jumbie and Trunk, and which sadly, fell in disrepair over the following years and is now a renovation project for someone. We've returned for our anniversary on 5 occasions since then and we'll be there next January as well.
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We chose St. John after talking to a friend of my parents'.

We honeymoon at Caneel. Similar to Iowaguy, I carry in my wallet the card they gave us at check in, which showed me for the first time as "Mrs. John Doe"

10 years later, we had a baby and decorated the nursery with a St. John theme. One shadow box contains notes and momentoes from our honeymoon.
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We honeymooned at Cinnamon in a tent site for two weeks in January of '81 and have returned to St John almost every anniversary since. We have upgraded to villa since about '95, with age comes wisdom!!
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Thanks, nyestreet!

We are staying at Winsome House on Ajax Peak.......very private! We are in our 40's, been married in the big church to somebody else. This time we are doing it our way, on the beach, barefooted!
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We honeymooned 20 years ago at Little Dix Bay in Virgin Gorda, back when it was a Rock Resort. We met a couple also honeymooning there that had spent the first 5 days at Caneel. They told us Caneel was horrible, service and food was terrible, rooms old, very buggy. They said Little Dix was a thousand times better! Well we believed them and avoided St John for 12 years. Eight years ago my husband worked for the company that insured Caneel Bay, and was in charge of all accounts. We eventually got a free trip to visit the property for "business", and have never been back to Virgin Gorda but for day trips! Twelve years :cry: wasted checking out every other Caribbean Island, when perfection was so close! :oops:
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St John Honeymoon

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We were married by Rev Anne Marie on St John in May of 2000 at the Villa 2B Peter Bay. We had been visiting St John since 1995, always with a group, and in 1998, while at Cinnamon Tarn Villa, we decided that if and when we got married, St John would be the place--and the north shore would be the location.
We were joined by 35 guests, including our 5 adult children, two with spouses, our sisters, our grandchildren, our cousins and a few lifelong friends, all of whom stayed for a week. We had our reception at Island Sun, and our guests were spead out over 5 villas in total. We had one dinner at each of the houses during the week, and we all got together for one night at Mogan's Mango. My son rented a boat from Ocean Runners for a few days, and the younger folks went deep-sea fishing, and to Jost and the Baths.
The wedding and weddingmoon was just the greatest time for our whole family and we made memories that will last for a lifetime. The best thing was that we put the whole wedding together in less than 6 months, with only the assistance of one of our villa managers and a lot of tips from folks on the old aol board. The next best thing was that the total cost for the 5 villas and most of the airfare, as well as the wedding reception, food,flowers and band cost us less than we would have spent on a wedding for 100 guests in New York City.
We returned every year for our anniversary, until last year, when we married off two more children and visited Alaska. We are in the final planing stages of our November trip this year--still agonizing over the perfect villa for our group of 6. Wish we could swing an anniversary trip for this year, but now that we are retired, its once a year to St John for us.

P.S. We did have a honeymoon- in Hawaii- a few months later, on a trip that we had planned before we decided to get married on St John. It was a group cruise--so we had about 200 people on our honeymoon.
We finally got to St John for a villa vacation--alone--two years ago at Villa Capiz. I guess that was our real "honeymoon" on St John.

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What great honeymoon stories! Wish we honeymooned there but found paradise after a Disney Cruise back in 2002. We will never cruise again after hitting St. John. And now our 5th trip to STJ with extended family is coming in August! Excited to show them around though we have to behave ourselves this time! :oops:
Mary Beth- Thanks for sharing your Bongo honeymoon with us! With all the pics and daily reports last October, I feel like you are a distant cousin from up north and I think we are just a few days apart in age too! Can't remember if I am older or you?!? I'll stick with you as older cousin for now! Please confirm . . .mine is 10/22/66 . . . you?
~~~ Colleen (fAB~40)
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