Our trip report--Days 1-4

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Our trip report--Days 1-4

Post by austinill »

First, St Thomas is even more beautiful than what I expected or remembered from our one day visit off a cruise ship 12 years ago. Part of the reason for that is because of my vantagepoint. Our first night’s stay was at the Mafolie hotel and restaurant and the rest of the time we are staying in a villa on Skyline Drive (40) called Seventh Heaven. The views from each site are unmatchable.

Mafolie Hotel is not a Marriott or Westin or Ritz. It is a basic, quaint hotel with lots of character but few of the unnecessary and overpriced frills one would get at the big hotels. Our suite had a couch, fridge, tv, table and chairs, bed and a dresser. Since we were only staying there one night, we didn’t need any more than a place to sleep. The pool area is very nice with a bar nearby for those wishing to partake. Again, the view from the rooms or the pool are priceless. The staff is topnotch and very helpful.

The Mafolie restaurant has received conflicting reviews lately and I would like to set the record straight. Charlie, restaurant manager, has produced an outstanding menu and the food is excellent. The wife had coconut shrimp which were very tasty, but looked overcooked. We were told the Caribbean style tended to appear that way, but she ate all but one of the huge shrimp. My BBQ baby back pork ribs were great and I ate every last bite. They were served with mashed potatoes, carrots and broccoli and looked as good as they tasted. I highly recommend Mafolie Restaurant.

Rented a car from Discount the second day on the island and wasn’t quite sure I was ready for the way they drive in STT. It’s one thing to drive on the left side of the road, but it’s quite another to drive on roads that are barely wide enough for one lane of traffic, let alone two. The lady at Discount was friendly, polite, and quite helpful. I got my car and ventured out, not knowing if my wife would ever see my face again. But within two minutes, I felt comfortable on the “wrong” side of the road and made my way back to Mafolie. We ventured out on the island to procure some groceries and get acclimated to various areas and got back to Mafolie in time to meet our escort to Seventh Heaven villa.

Seventh Heaven is on Skyline Drive and is unique to the island villas in that we can see the harbor at Charlotte Amalie on one side and see the Mahogany Golf Course and Atlantic ocean from the other side of the house. This villa is simply gorgeous and the pictures online do not do it justice. It is well-kept, clean, comfortable and the owner has a keen eye for intimate details needed by her guests. The tropical breeze up here is wonderful. But what is the best part of this property is the view. Simply amazing! The only regret I have for this villa is that it has a plunge pool and is not very large OR very warm. I know, I know, it’s all in the eye of the beholder. But I was hoping to make use of the pool in this warm climate, but the water is almost too cool to endure. Heated pools are very expensive, but they make solar covers that do an incredible job. They look like big sheets of bubble wrap and are very inexpensive. But that little disappointment does not take back from my love of this villa. Perfect for honeymoons, anniversaries or just plain old serenity and tranquility.

My next review and the last for today is New Horizons Sunset Dinner Cruise. In the words of Nike, “Just do it.” The crew of Steve, Jeff and Bill helped twenty people onto their sailboat and cast off from dock. As we left the harbor, Jeff and Bill started handing out glasses of champagne to all. Soon to follow were some delicious appetizers followed by drinks of any kind you requested. After an hour, we anchored and dinner was served. Buffet style chicken, mahimahi, salads, bread, fruit, and peel-to-eat shrimp were served in generous amounts. The only regret is that while we were busy eating this marvelous fare, the sun dipped behind a cloud and we missed the sunset. LOL Cheesecake and a brownie dessert topped the evening followed by the drink of your choice and we sailed back to port while watching the stars. We had a great time and this made our anniversary that much more special. Good job guys.

I will have more to offer as we continue our vacation in this beautiful paradise.
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Post by Nancie-Pa »

So glad you're having such a great time for your special occasion. Sounds like fun.
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Post by Berlingirl »

Enjoying this trip report! Thanks Austin..

Trip does sound completely heavenly so far! Great villa name and it's obviously fitting.

Sunset dinner cruise is something I didn't even know was offered in STT. Did you leave from downtown? Don't recall ever seeing it advertised or the ship itself in Red Hook. Did you cruise to Water Island or Christmas Cove?

Looking forward to next chapter. :D
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Post by SOonthebeach »

Great report! Looking forward to more. Enjoy the rest of your trip!
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Looking Forward to More!

Post by USVIBamaFan »

We will be in STT in 3 months...so glad to read your trip report. I'm anxious about the driving also, but sounds like no problem.

Can't wait to read more -
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Post by Coden »

Great TR and I look forward to more!!
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Post by austinill »

Here is the website for dinner cruise.
http://newhorizons.daysails.com/index.p ... dLink=2920

It is at sapphire beach resort on east side of island.
You will need good directions and keep in mind that the maps you can get online are useful as far as knowing where you are in terms of everything else. BUT, the locals do not use street names or route numbers. I took some time to just drive around and acquaint myself with their tempo of driving and different roads and areas I will frequent.
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Seventh Heaven is truly one treasure of STT - absolutely a unique place for a couple to stay at and the owners are LONG time residents who know how to treat a visitor.
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Post by toni »

THanks for the report; the views from mafolie are outstanding. Do they still offer the free shuttle downtown and to magens? We thought that was a great plus .

Looking forward to the rest of the report :)
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Post by Kathyzhere »

Thanks for sharing! As I sit here longing for my return visit I stumbled upon the STT forum and your TR :D
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I finally got time to read your trip report! I checked out Seventh Heaven, and it looks absolutely gorgeous! I love the restful colors they used on the walls, and the decor is perfect!

I knew New Horizons did snorkel trips, but I didn't know about the dinner cruises! It sounds really great! :D

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