The trip and all!

Travel discussion for St. John
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The trip and all!

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We returned from St Thomas last week. Spent a week at the Morning Star-Marriott. On a scale of 1-10 we feel that it is about a 7.The rooms are in need of some TLC. Staff friendly though. The beach was not what we are used to in St John by any means. Rocky and very wavy and a lot of current going on.The sand was always wet, lot of wash up garbage that needed to be taken care of to the left of Havana Blue-whichever direction that is.
One thing for sure people are still getting married. 4 weddings in 1 day.
On the 2nd day we were there woke up about 3:00 a.m., verrryyyyy dizzzyyyy and with tremors. Of course a little panic set in, realizing where we were and not knowing what to do. So called 911, EMT came and we left in rescue vehicle, St Thomas still uses the van type.
Got to the hospital-feeling just a little better. Did the EKG and some blood work, slightly dehydrated.
Had a nurse from Mississippi that was there for 6 months-traveling nurse, very nice. So, they are ready to release me after finding nothing and I suggest they look in my right ear-it was swollen shut. I had been having a little trouble with it prior to leaving home. They gave me some antibiotic drops and released me. Oh s...! Forgot to bring clothes for the return trip to Marriott. It's now 9:00 a.m. and I arrive in p.j's and hospital robe via taxi in front of the main lobby.
We did get to Cinnamon Bay 1 time that was a $100.00 taxi-ferry day. Couldn't do that to many times, but we are returning to St John in May 2011. YE HAH!
We are rested though and looking forward to Spring.
m ricco
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Glad to hear the trip to the ER wasn't anything too serious. A friend's daughter is in a travelling nurse program right now, in Vegas and she is looking forward to her next unknown posting. If it is STT, we will all flock down.
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I am a travel nurse and was actually going to visit the facilities while on the island. The agency I am currently with does not cover the USVIs, so have questions if there is a traveler there when we visit. What agency does your daughter work for? Laura
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Lol about people getting married. Have you been to Vegas in February? There are brides everywhere.

I am glad you trip to the ER wasn't serious. And 7/10 sounds like a good place to stay. I hope you had fun!

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It sounds like you had a good time in spite of your trip to the ER! I know Morning Star beach and you are spot-on in your description. When I was there, it was the first beach I saw and I thought it was beautiful... until we went to St. John for a day. That's when I saw a 'BEACH'!! 8)

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