A meeting of forumites! :)

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California Girl

A meeting of forumites! :)

Post by California Girl »

Bevm, Promoguy & California Girl & spouses met for lunch at The Ramos House Cafe ( http://www.ramoshouse.com/ ) in San Juan Capistrano! :D A good time was had by all!

Clockwise from lower left: Angie, Rick, Crash, Me, Bev, Allan (promoguy)
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Post by sea-nile »

Looks like fun!
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Post by lprof »

8) :D good times!
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Post by SOonthebeach »

Fun! The DFW group is getting together next moth, but ya'll win for location in my book (if you can't be on STJ).
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Post by Coden »

Hi everyone!! Sure looks like you had a wonderful time. Thnx for sharing your time together with us. :)
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Post by FinsUp »

Fun!! Thanks for sharing!!
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Post by Terry »

That is my favorite restaurant! Great bloody marries and wonderful food.

I'll be calling you to go there next time out.

Promoguy, you in?
California Girl

Post by California Girl »

You're on, Terry! :D
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Post by Jan&MikeVa »

Love it! Glad you guys had a great time :)
California Girl

Post by California Girl »

I just posted what we ordered on the OT Food Porn thread. We had so much fun, Jan! :D
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Post by bayer40601 »

I think I have seen pictures of some of those guys at my local post office. :lol:
How many more days?
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Post by Terry »

Now, we've seen BevM with a cherry up her nose.

Why didn't we see a crab claw hanging from her lip?

California Girl

Post by California Girl »

I tried to get her to put it up her nose, but for some reason she refused to do it! :roll: :lol:
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Post by linne »

I think it's great that this forum means that you got new friends you can have a good meal together with.
Thanks for sharing.

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Barb Y
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Post by Barb Y »

How very cool! So glad you all got to spend some time together. I hope you enjoyed every minute!
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