Nice to be back.

Travel discussion for St. John
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Great to see you back (though I have been pretty absent myself lately). You won my heart years ago with your honest story of weeping at Francis and your obvious love and respect for your beautiful wife.

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Boston Mike
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So this is the famous Jorge I've been hearing about. Welcome back to the forum.

By the way, nice cock. :shock:
Life begins where the land ends!
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Welcme Jorge. Not sure why you stopped posting but glad your back in business. I need the humor so bring it bud! I havnt been on in a while either. Planned a new trip and now I'm having trouble staying " off " the forum!

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Hey Jorge!! Hey friend, hey buddy! Sooooo glad to see you back here.

Miss you! :)
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Cruzan Chris
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jorge...jorge who ?....OH !...THAT JORGE !! :twisted: :twisted: Welcome back !

"St.John,always in our hearts,minds,and souls"
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Play nice, Jorge. You don't want to sent to the corner again do you?
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Okay so will the fact that I am now on here too change anything? Let's see. Will it be better, cuz Jorge knows I will beat his butt for going to far afield? Or will it be worse cuz as we grow older, Jorge is getting to be more like me, and yes, you guessed it, I am more like him!!! Does the phrase "take no prisoners" mean anything to ya?
Things I have in common with a raccoon: dark circles under my eyes, stay up all night, eat know the rest!
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So Nascar & Jorge are you implying that Litte Sugar coated donut me.... wears the pants :shock:

So glad you are back on Jorge & I know Barbie will keep you in line :lol:

Jorge you really are just a good old Teddy Bear :lol:

The Shopper
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This Hoorey love fest is giving me a headache. He's nothing but an ole SOB.
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Yea, but he my ole SOB!

God is great, beer is good, people are crazy.

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DaveS007 wrote:This Hoorey love fest is giving me a headache. He's nothing but an ole SOB.
Headache? Kinda gives you a warm feeling doesn't Dave. Oh no, that's right, check your drawers.
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Welcome back my pimp brother. :-)

Halloween soon come.



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Howdy, howdy.

How are the kitties Jorge?
Let us live so that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry.
- Mark Twain
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With this new development, I officially step down as the unofficial self-promoting PITA of the forum and pass the Coconut Bra of Self-Promotion back to its rightful owner.

My only hope is that I kept the flame burning brightly enough during my interim reign.

(steps down, bows, wanders off topless to go find a midget...)
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