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One of Our St. John Shark Stories

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You know, last trip we saw a family snorkeling at Gibney--parents, little boy, and little girl. The little girl was convinced that there were sharks in the water. She only swam for a few minutes and then got out of the water and spent the next half hour screaming at her family to get out because there were sharks in the water! I felt kind of bad for her, but also irritated that she would not stop screaming. I wonder if we ran into the same people....

Speaking of shark week, the other night we were channel surfing and came across a National Geographic program about sharks, so decided to watch. Well, this was not your ordinary National Geographic program, no siree. The first thing we saw was a video of some poor girl being attacked by a Great White and having her leg torn off! It was not a reinactment either. We dubbed the program CSI: Ocean, and promptly turned it off.

At least there aren't Great Whites off St. John, right? Right??? :shock:
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Well, I did take this one at Cinnamon last year...

<img src=" ... 63fd0b.jpg">

(It's a joke, people, it's a joke!)
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Or how about this one in SF bay attacking a helicopter!

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wishwewerethere, you are so funny! "former Shark freaker-outer"! I love that description. I am a shark freaker-outer! I am a snake freaker-outer, too. Believe it or not, if people tell me "there aren't any snakes out there," it makes me feel better.
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Okay - those are laugh out loud pictures! I need to know how to do that. And, I promise not to show my two sons those pictures above or anything regarding shark week or JAWS!

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Love the pics--so funny :lol: ! I'm going in May, maybe I can get some cool shark pics--ha,ha!
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Ok Bill W- you know way too much about doing fancy stuff with your computer!!!
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Your killing me!!!

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Man-o-man are you guys funny!I just love it!Dan...
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I hate having to hold my laughter in while I'm at work.....Goog God those pictures are funny!

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Bill W:
I think I saw the same shark at Cinnamon Bay!
I posted in on another shark post by Tracy.



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