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Long Overdue Review - Part 3 - Breakin' the Law

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Sounds like a great trip.

Those sunsets are gorgeous; and you should enter those pink flowers into the Globes photo contest - October theme is Pink.
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All three parts of your "Long Overdue Review" were so much fun to read... terrific photos and tantalizing descriptions. Thank you; I really enjoyed your report.
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Thank you for such wonderful pics and great writing ! What a way with words you have and a fabulous sense of humor. btw, I would be breaking the law right besides you and I don't drink ! :lol:
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long overdue trip report installment 3

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8) Thank You ! enjoyed all your trip installments ! sounds like a lot of fun was had, enjoyed all your pics 8) have met nascar & Becky (Hi :) ) once at BB & was nice to see them again :) hope to meet u law breakers one day as well ! 8)
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Fun! I'm glad you liked Playa del Mar. Did I miss the Cactustini recipe?! I'll bug Mike and Becky for some at the end of the month.

Cheers, RickG
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great reports! makes me wanna try caneel but... would nee to rent a car too. maybe if i win the lottery...
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Great reports! Is the snorkelling spectacular enough at Scott to warrant a special trip in there? It'd be a bit of a pain because you have to jockey for a spot on the road, this month.
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Great reports....loved reading them all. Loved your pics too!!
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You pattern-mixing, animal-loving rebels. :)

Also, Cactini is it? Recipe, please?
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I loved your trip reports!

Great pictures and (((Josh))) is a sweetie bringing your hat. He has really found the perfect career to fit his personality.

It is shocking that you got that close to the deer.

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Thanks for the great trip report. The pics were Amazing!
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Fun, fun trip report! So happy you decided on the better late than never route! I just might have to actually do mine from June/July.....!

Thanks! By the way, your patterns were beuatifully coordinated!
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great reports! Loved your pictures!
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Where is playa del mar?
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