Posting photos???

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Posting photos???

Post by lpowmacback »

I've posted photos several times recently - first they appear fine - but then, the following day - or even days later, they vanish.

Here's what I do:

I copy the tag from the properties for the photo (in PBase) and then before pasting - I click on the Img button (above)... then paste the link- then click the Img button again... preview is fine- then actual post is fine - for a while - then it is gone :-(

What am I doing wrong?

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Post by lprof »

Lisa, I believe CA Girl may have answered your question on page 30 of "Show your face".

California Girl wrote:

Lisa - pbase has experienced a major meltdown in the past couple of weeks! They had a complete power shutdown and are rebuilding the site. Your picture will probably show up again soon.
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Lisa, I PM'd you. :D

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