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California Girl


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Avast all ye mateys of the VIOL! Today be Official Talk Like a Pirate Day! So hoist yer sails, fly the Jolly Roger... and talk like a pirate! Arrrrr! Image
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Post by Wakey »

Aye, California Girl is right, tis' talk like a pirate day today! I'm goin' t' empty my fridge o' beer and watch football all day, shiver me timbers! :oops:

Ahoy, har is a handy translator t' use today.
Ye'll ne'er get me buried booty!
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vi lover
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Arrrgh..... I've been watching football all day and Rrrrrrooting for the SEC. l've had way too many BeeRrrrrrs today, and am Rrrrready to head to Crrrrrrruz Bay for a Woody's Bushwackerrrrrrrrrr and a snorrrrrrrrrrrrrkel at Cinnamon Bay!

BTW - Kentucky won, Alabama kicked butt, and Florida is on their way to putting Tennesse back in thier place (toward the bottom!!!) of the SEC. So - life is good.

Happy "talk like a pirate" day to all!!!
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Me sweet lil football be the Pirates!!! Course, they got beat by the scurges the tarheels. Arrrghhhh Ye can also change yer facebook language to be pirate!
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Ahoy, my children be buggin' me, Me need a drink, gar!
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Post by Cid »

The pirate speaks,"I almost forgot that it was talk like a pirate day. Oh well only two hours port now!"
Still waiting to return to St. John!
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Cruzan Chris
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Darrrrrn, I missed it !! AARRR !
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California Girl

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Cap'n Chris! I was a'waitin' fer ye to check-in! It's never too late to talk like a pirate! Arrrr! Image
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I wore arrrrrgyle socks to church. I forgot my eyepatch.

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