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Travel discussion for St. John
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Post by SusanNJ »

And here are some of mine:

Headed back again in Oct. 12-20, 2007 - let the countdown begin! :lol:
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Great pictures everyone!

I wanted to post mine, but I can't seem to get them saved to a website so I can post a link. (Or I just don't have the patience) :) I just have a conglomerate mess of different photos from my life on Photobucket and I don't think that everyone wants to see those! I may have to wait until after my trip in June and just post those.
I am enjoying everyone else's vacations, however.
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Sea nile... Why not create a separate folder on Photobucket for your STJ pictures? If you need help, PM me.

Time to start working on convincing the wife that we have to go back soon!
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Here are our pictures from STJ May/June 2005. It was our first trip to STJ. Compared to all of the ones I have seen on this thread, ours seem so boring and cliche. We will get better ones this June!
You all gave me some good ideas!
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Lovely photos sea-nile!! :D Great job!!!

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Post by jmq »

jmq- check out our similar sail pix!!! Great minds must think alike! HA!

Thanks to everyone for sharing...what fun!
JC - true, true! VERY nice photos.

I just realized I posted the link to the STJ group on flickr but not my own set of photos.
Here they are:
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I'm lovin' this and I'm printing it out! You guys are all so great to post so many links! Thank you! :D
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I thought I would put my photos here also for people in the future who might want to view our perspective.
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Post by Dave-a-roni »

Hello again everybody. :) Here's my 2005, late June-early July honeymoon on St. John pictures. ... blicAlbums

Boy, what a lot of work! :o

I like to take nature pictures, so I don't have a lot of partying pics. Sorry :wink:

Enjoy. I hope this works...

~Dave (and Julie)
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Post by sea-nile »

Here are my STJ pictures from this year.
Warning: There are a lot of them. I liked too many of them and I took over 700 so it was hard to decide. :)

They are organized into sets though which makes it easier to pick and choose what to look at.
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Link to our pics below.
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Post by BasUR »

Here's mine. I'll have more pics in a few weeks! :D
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Post by Ksea »

Please see my trip report post today for a link to my pics!
California Girl

Post by California Girl »

I haven't posted my link in this thread for a long time, so here it is. (below)
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