An Impossible Shade of Blue (Trip Report, Day 8)

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just lovely--told you you;d like it! :wink:

the wreck of the Sadie Sea????? for real???
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I just wanted to reassure everyone that the Wreck of the Sadie Sea was just my whimsical way of referring to a little incident that happened on Thursday.

Part way home from picking up the Reef Bay Trail hikers, there was a loud noise and some engine trouble requiring a change of boat for the hikers...more details on the Day 7 report but that is a few days away and I just didn't want anyone to worry unduly about the Sadie Sea until then.

At no time were the passengers in danger and it was all handled in a professional manner according to my daughters, who were passengers.

I apologize for my choice of words, and did not mean to reflect anything negative on the Sadie Sea or her crew.
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Beautiful report...wonderfully written! Thank you!!! I've got to get back this year!
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That was a 8) read. I don't think I could do a reverse report. Can you say your ABC'S backwards I can't :?
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I kind of enjoyed the reverse order....i feel your pain.
Here's a toast to you on the coast....

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Very cool! I really enjoy your writing and different approach. I especially love the 1st photo of the Sea Grape leaf....Beautiful! Thanks! I look forward to more.
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Thank you Ifloat. What a wonderful read. Makes me feel like you're a sister I just haven't met yet! :)

Not only are you an amazing writer but SO creative. Writing in 'backwards time' is difficult! Plus, your pictures are awesome.

Lately, it seems all the photos on this forum look like they were shot by professionals. I'm intimidated but keep them all coming--so beautiful.

Really, really an A+++ job!
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What a great read; can't wait for the rest in any order.

Maybe it helps to get WOW out of the way first.

thanks for sharing,

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Love it! Great writing, beautiful pictures. Can't wait for the rest!

And I hope the Sadie Sea adventure turned out OK. Our 1/2 day with them was a real highlight of our trip, and I don't hear them mentioned as often as other charters. Hope everything is OK with them!
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The report is aweesome :)
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Wow, what a brilliant idea! I loved this first (erm, last?) installment.

Great photos too. Can't wait for more!
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Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to read the rest.
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The Wheel of Time turns, and adventures come and pass, leaving memories that become legend...There are neither beginnings nor endings to the turning of the Wheel of Time. But THIS was a beginning.
Thank you ifloat. We appear to be in for a legend.
Life is an adventure.
Treasure each moment.
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The wheel of time turns...whoa! Don't go all Robert Jordan on me...hopefully I will finish all eight installments before my sad untimely death.

(ifloat is a SF&F nerd)

Thanks for the kind words. It's amazing how fast memories fade. I'm already getting confused about what happened on which day.
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