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Jorge is as popular as ever - 3299 views and 91 replies........way to go baby :) :) :)


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Hey Jorge! :lol:
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I guess after all this we'll see you in another 6

Take care buddy,
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From "Do It Anyway: The Handbook for Finding Personal Meaning and Deep Happiness in a Crazy World".

According to the author, Mother Teresa was so moved by these commandments that she hung them on a wall in her orphanage in Calcutta.

And The Roches sang it.

And yep, it never was between you and them at all, not in any way that ever really mattered.
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You've been missed Jorge. Just one line from you perked things right up around here. Hope all is well.
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Watch Joshies avitatar sock monkey appears, may take a minute so keep looking. HMMMMM the mystery continues are they connected or is it jorge :?

It is gone now I SWEAR IT WAS THERE THAT JOPSHIE IS ONE SLICK WILLE I TELL YA. No I haven't been drinkin I only drink this early while on St John :lol:
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Jorge, you are my favorite Fluffy. Can I call you The Fluffster? ** S W A K ** :mrgreen:
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Please come back? :( :)
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You know just what to say. I needed that reminder. Careful though, people might think you are a nice guy :D

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When will I see St John again?
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